What are you waiting for?


 Make this the year you do it!

By George Tranos

One of the best things that I hear as a motorcycle riding instructor is the happiness in the voice of a new rider who has just achieved their dream of learning to ride and getting their motorcycle endorsement. For some, it is the culmination of years of waiting for the right time to do it. Once the license is in hand, a whole new world of opportunity opens up before them.

If you’re still sitting on the sidelines, watching the world go by and seeing others achieve their dream but haven’t done anything about it yet – what are you waiting for? Life is short and time goes by fast. Whether it’s learning to ride, taking that long road trip you’ve been dreaming about or making a life change that you’ve been reluctant to try – don’t wait until it’s too late.

Many of us have had friends or relatives who died young and never got the chance to fulfill their dreams. You hear that often in the motorcycling community, especially with those just starting out where life somehow takes an unexpected turn. Of course, we also hear of those who died doing what they love, but an unfortunate turn of events alters their journey. I know I’d rather be one of them than one who never wants to leave my house. Let me take that risk, seek that reward and if I don’t make the entire journey then at least I’ll be happy knowing that I tried.

Perhaps it is the fear of trying something new that holds you back. I’ve always thought that motorcyclists somehow had stronger character and more willingness to take risks and see things through. I don’t know if it’s true but the sheer fact of throwing your leg over your bike and heading out into the elements adds a bit of adventure and daring to your life. I think it makes us somehow braver, stronger and more courageous. It is this aspect of being a rider that sets us apart from the mere car driver. Somehow that feeling helps us experience life more fully and really feel what it is like to be alive.

Can a mere motorcycle help me live a better life or be a better person? Perhaps, but more importantly, it may help you experience things in different, fuller way. So make this the year that you actually do it. Don’t wait for someone or something else before you make the effort. The first step is always the hardest. Take ownership of your decisions and choose to make something happen. Take a chance, become a rider (or a better rider). Take that long day ride. Leave your local area for an overnight trip. Join a group. Cross the country. Ride over that mountain. The sunset is certainly more easily visible from the top than from that lonely house in the valley. Ride on.