Run to The V.A.

Leathernecks MC NY LI Chapter 16th Annual Run to the VA Hospital

Story & photos by Cowboy

Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t want to co-operate with the Leathernecks M.C., 2017 Run to the V.A. With rainy-windy conditions, the club made the difficult decision NOT to ride, for Safety Reasons. As long as I have been involved, the only other time I remember this run not happening was during the year of Super Storm Sandy. Even though the weather was an issue, this year’s gathering still went on as planned. With plenty of delicious home-made food, music provided by HUSH and a few vendors for folks to shop.
Long-time supporters of this event came out to attend and brought along much needed winter clothing and other items needed for our Veterans at the V.A. My crew and patrons from Chamber of Horrors N.Y. did our part in helping as well by collecting 4 box loads of supplies for our Vets. With music filling the space inside the Marine Corps League folks were shopping and catching up on other events that were coming up. Sales to purchase raffles were in full swing for the cool items up for grabs (I ended up winning an awesome small knapsack, which has become my new camera-gear bag). Even with foul weather, this turned out to be a dine event. Thank you to the Leathernecks MC for your hospitality (as always) and for ALL that you do for the residents at the V.A. Thank you to All who came out to show their support, and most important of all, “Thank you to all of America’s Veterans-past-present & future!”

The Leathernecks MC New York Long Island Chapter is a Marine and Corpsman Motorcycle Club. To learn more about their mission, events or to join log on to

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