Old Folks Rock

Old Folks Rock Jingle Ball

(In memory of Richard Schmansky)

By Ginger Bonner

Photos by Ron Monteleone, G-Man

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratefulness to all the wonderful, generous people in the biker community who came to my annual ‘Old Folks Rock Jingle Ball’! My residents are mostly in their 90s, and alone for the holidays, so this party is their Christmas. With so many people giving charity to children during the holidays, it means so much to them to be remembered at this very special time of year.

Everyone had such a great time. The room was filled with so much love, happiness, joy and Christmas spirit as we ate, sang and danced. Members from American Spirits, Fire Riders Nassau County, Red Devils, Italians and Sacred Steel MC’s escorted residents to the dance floor for a spin to the sounds of Geoff Cohen from Gem Entertainment. Many elderly people feel unwanted by those who are younger, but this day, the seniors were the center of every ones attention.

The true meaning of the holidays was in full swing and anyone walking through those doors could feel it the moment they stepped foot in the room. It has become such a meaningful tradition to do this every year on the last Sunday before Christmas; I hope that this event will welcome more guests from the motorcycle community with each new year. Words cannot express how honored I am to be part of the most giving group of people in the world. May you all have peace and love in your life, Ginger the Tambourine Lady”

Editor’s Note: Ginger Bonner, Activity Director at Amber Court Assisted Living is considered an angel by the seniors, who are residents at this facility located in Westbury, NY. Ginger is their laughter, strength, hope, joy and inspiration. She has put on many events at the facility, which welcome non-residents, who many times are members of the motorcycle community. The seniors really enjoy the bikes and partying with those who ride them. This world needs more people like Ginger, to help make a positive difference in the lives of those who have been forgotten by many.