N.E. Auto Show

New England International Auto Show
January 11th -15th 2018
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Boston, MA
Story and Photography by Bob Stegmaier

It was a visual feast for the 300,000 plus car enthusiasts to view the many vehicles on display in the over 340,000 square feet of floor space at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on the waterfront in downtown Boston for five fun filled days.  It is smaller than the upcoming NYC Javitz auto show (this year starting on March 30th for 10 days), but it was very easy to drive to and park and still had a lot to see.

Sponsored by the over 400 franchised new-car and truck dealers in the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association for over 60 years, with every year  showing an increase in newly available technology. Nearly every manufacturer had electric vehicles to show. Massachusetts probably has the most aggressive electric vehicle rebate program in the USA. The new charging technology will let you charge from a standard 15 amp 120 volt AC household outlet all the way up to a 440 volt rapid charge system. Some of the newer battery only vehicles have a greatly increased range and there are several new gas-electric hybrids on the market that are just about as efficient as total electric.

Speaking of electric powered transportation, there was a big display of electric powered 2, 3 and 4 wheeled machines just developed by former engineers from Ford and the SpaceX program. The GeoOrbital wheel can convert any bike to electric drive.   The kids really had a fun time testing these machines out. The vehicles are governed to a max of 20 MPH, but the police version can easily hit 40 MPH!

Lots of trucks had many new features – built-in side bed storage compartments, back gates that open two ways, factory off road kits, and even a tail gate that has a built in fold out step and hand rail, all perfect for hauling motorcycles, snowmobiles and quads.  At the performance end of the spectrum there where sports cars from Aston Martin, Porsche, Lotus, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron (1200 HP, 268 MPH, 0 to 60 in 120 feet at 2.4 sec), Maserati, McLaren and Pagani – starting at $ 2.5 million!

Miss Massachusetts – The lovely, Jillian Zucco was there signing autographs at the CITGO booth, while Freddy and Fredericka – the cute hamsters from the Kia soul ads were there posing with kids and adults that would like to be kids. Be sure to check out the web site for next year’s dates – www.bostonautoshow.com