L.I. Car Clubs Food Drive

All Long Island Car Clubs Annual Food & Toy Drive

Story & photos by Cowboy

What better way for the Car Club Community of Long Island to finish their 2017 season than to band together for their annual food & toy drive. This event is in coalition with the Brookhaven Interface Program, which is a partnership between individuals, good corporate neighbors and the Town of Brookhaven united in a common effort to provide help to Brookhaven’s less fortunate residents. It provides goods and services to those in need and addresses social issues. www.brookhavenny.gov/Departments/Housing-Human-Services/Youth-Bureau  

Early Sunday morning in November classic cars, trucks and hot rods of all types roared into the serene setting of Brookhaven Town Hall causing a traffic jam that any car enthusiast would consider a beautiful sight! As clubs and independents rolled in and found their spaces to park, out came bags of toys and boxes of food to help those families in need during the holiday season. With the rockin’ sounds of ‘Crossing Sunrise’ filling the air, friends were gathering and discussing plans to get together during the winter months to plan the 2018 car show season! Personally, I love this event because I get to see everyone that I have crossed paths with at various shows during the season all in one place, at one time. Thank you to all the Long Island car clubs for your hospitality at this and all the car club events that took place during the 2017 season. I look forward to an awesome season for 2018. Drive safe, folks!