Xmas in June

Nassau County Fire Riders MC Christmas in June

Story & pics by Tami Ellinport

There’s nothing like being out on your motorcycle on a beautiful day, and incorporating it with a benefit for children along with 385 other motorcycles. The weather was right up my alley, so I rode in on my motorcycle to cover this wonderful event. This is the FireRiders MC 11th year of running this event and from what I can see, the number of attendees keeps growing.

Panera Bread and Applebee’s supplied an amazing breakfast spread, while the FireRiders supplied the food and fixins’ at the end of the run BBQ. This was my first year going to the St. Christopher-Ottilie Center and the children there got an overload of toys spread out on a huge tarp for them to pick from. The children would tell their counselor what kind of toy they would like and then look through the piles and piles of toys to find it.
There were a lot of smiling faces holding their favorite toy. I have to say that the FireRiders MC were very organized in getting the bikes at the start of the event in order while filling several parking lots, and then again when the bikes arrived at St. Christopher’s. When I asked Andy, the President of the FireRiders MC, “Why Xmas in June?” He answered, “Why not?” Well said Andy!

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