U.S. Vets MC BBQ

U.S. Veterans MC National Summer BBQ

Story & photos by Cowboy

The members of the U.S. Veterans MC National Chapter held their annual barbecue on a Sunday afternoon in late July. This was my 3rd and final event of the day. I specifically made this my last stop because it is always a great gathering. With the clubs resident DJ Spock rockin’ the tunes to get things started, I made my rounds greeting old friends and meeting members of other USV MC chapters from the New England region. I checked out the vendors and the raffles, both offering unique merchandise. The musical entertainment for the day was provided by the very well-known LI band, AXIS UNKNOWN.

Once the food was served the party really got started as many of the guests were up and dancing to the bands original rock tunes. It is always a pleasure to attend this event and talk with Veterans from many different conflicts, to listen to their stories and learn things from folks that were there…these were the stories that no history book will ever teach. Thank you for the warm hospitality and to the Veterans who took the time to share their stories with me. Most of all, Thank you to all our nations Veterans, past-present & future for your service!