chaos logocolors back (1)The first word in Motorcycle is Motor. George started with stripping a 1975 Ironhead Sportster motor. The heads and cylinders both went in the scrap heap. He then cut the back of the cases off to remove the sportster “unit” Transmission, from there George proceeded to modify the back of the cases to include mounts, for that “factory finish” appearance. The top of the cases were then welded up and machined to fit the Ron Trock Cylinders and S&S Shovelheads. Andrews cams were ground to match the short stroke and big bore to guarantee a rev monster.Now that the motor was complete George went to work building a frame that would support this monster motor and keep things on the light side. A fender/oil tank was hand formed to give it an old school anti draft drag look. The gas tank was also hand formed to carry on the look.

The badassery didn’t stop there, a handmade open chain drive connects the motor to a kick only Baker transmission, which was chosen for reliability and toughness to get power to the ground through an M&H slick. Bob from ToonTown laid down some Green candy paint on the tins before they were handed to Bert’s Graphix for some 70’s style art work. Xian leather is the only man Chaos Cycle will trust with leather work and again he killed it with the seat.

Final assembly was handled by the Chaos Cycle crew, Patrick McColgan, Justin Campbell and George Stinsman. Chaos Cycle is one of four builders chosen to represent the USA in the World Championship of Bike Building to be held in Germany this October. Chaos was also chosen to be part of the Michael Lichter display in Sturgis this year.



Chaos Cycles, Inc.
1425 Montauk Hwy.
Mastic, NY 11950 631-714-4101


Engine: 80″ Shovster with a divorced transmission

Cylinders: Trock

Flywheels: S&S

Rods: S&S

Heads: S&S

Pistons: Weisco

Cams: Andrews

Rocker Boxes: Snow Flake Customs

Carbs: Dual 30mm Mikunis

Exhaust: Chaos Cycle

Ignition: Morris Magneto

Tranny: Baker Frakentranny

Primary: Chaos Cycle open Chain

Front Wheel: Chaos Cycle NYHC spoke with spool

Front Tire: Avon Speed master 90/90-21

Rear Wheel: Chaos Cycle NYHC Spoke

Rear Tire: M&H Drag Master 5.00×16

Rear Brakes: Kustomtech

Rear Rotor: EBC

Frame: Chaos Cycle Handmade Draglite

Forks: Showa inverted

Triple Trees: Chaos Cycle super narrow

Handlebars: Narrow drags

Hydraulic Clutch lever: Braking

Gas Tank: Chaos Cycle Hand formed

Rear Fender/Oil Tank: Chaos Cycle hand formed

Seat: Xian Leather

Paint: Bert’s Grapix/Town

Engraving: Otto Carter

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