The Other Half

Story & photos by Michael ONeill

Most of us are street, touring bike, cruiser or chopper riders…myself included. I’ve ridden a quarter of a million miles in my lifetime and don’t think twice about taking off alone on a three thousand mile road trip. But if you asked me to throw my leg over a 190HP road racing bike capable of 200MPH+ speeds, I would run the other way.

None-the-less, I wanted to see up close and personal, just how the other half lives. So I rode down to witness the Championship Cup Series racing events at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

So how does the other half live? On the edge…fearlessly! We know how we all feel about the reckless sportbike riders we encounter on public roads, but you’ll walk away

from a professional speed contest like this with nothing but respect for the devotion, skill, courage and professionalism of motorcycle road racers. Talk about knowing your ride? These guys tear down their bikes between sessions changing everything from tires, to fork springs, exhaust systems, shocks, swingarm components and more. Talk about devotion! Their Sunday ride isn’t about meeting for breakfast at a nearby diner. It’s about putting it all out on the line in a speed contest with other skilled racers. Rain? Put on the rain tires and race at 100+ MPH in the wet stuff. Talk about trusting your

brothers…watching a group of a dozen bikes dive into the apex of a turn at 70MPH inches apart lends a whole new meaning to that concept. Riders came from as far away as California to compete. Quite a few New Yorkers and New Englanders came away

with notable finishes. A complete list of the results of all of the the entrants, including their home towns, type of motorcycle, racing class, sponsors, etc. can be found

here: NJMPCCS Results.pdf

I’ll be back at NJMP on Labor Day weekend for the next CCS event, then again the following weekend for the MotoAmerica Series…the most prestigious motorcycle racing series in the US. Take a day, ride down and witness some of the most exciting motorcycle racing action anywhere. Lots of folks on cruisers and touring bikes are in the parking lot. If you love life on two wheels, you’ll love these events. Feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have.

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