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Harley-Davidson is about To Introduce the New 2017 Touring Model Lineup with an All-New Engine.  “The Milwaukee Eight.” It will be a 107” (1753cc) with 4 valves per cylinder. A lot of speculation is going on about other features. It will be the 8th generation of Harley engines and will replace the 17 years old Twin Cam, first on 2017 Touring models. Harley will introduce it as the company’s most powerful, most responsive, most comfortable and most advanced ever.

The Milwaukee Eight  name was actually first trademarked by Harley in 2014, and promises to be the power plant behind a number of new models in the very near future.

Additionally, a 114-inch variant is planned as well, and there is talk of a 131-inch for 2018 or 2019. These new engines are a single-cam design but have four-valve heads. The cam is chain-driven, presumably to keep the EPA happy about engine noise, and the valves are operated by a forked rocker.

“It’s sort of half-Evo, half Twin-Cam,” The Milwaukee Eight is set up to have the heads both oil- and water-cooled. Oil feeds from the rear rocker box up to the front, “Just like a Shovel!”

Redline is said to be theoretically higher than a Twin Cam, but they’re capped right now at 6,000 rpm, which leads me to believe these new motors should be torque monsters.

I remember when the Evolution engine was the new motor that replaced the Shovelhead in 1985, we were very against it, we loved our shovelheads and the Evo looked like a metric motor with no style of its own. We even had a helmet stickers that read: “SEE NO EVO…HEAR NO EVO…RIDE NO EVO” that was 31 years ago and some of us are a little smarter now…”well some of us,” we realize reliability and performance is the way of things, My 88ci Twin-Cam has and is serving me well for 16 years so far.

So like anything we’ll have to see what happens with an open mind.


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Question: what event took place for the government to announce that all civilian motorcycle production stop immediately?


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Question: Indian Larry was a lone wolf (no club,)

But Larry did belong to a club and he had a club tattoo on his right arm. What club did Larry belong to?

Answer: Indian Larry was a member of the Coney Island “Polar Bear Club”

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