The Eastern Condition

The Eastern Condition


The Eastern Condition is a 4-piece/sometimes more-piece band/conceptual music project originating from various parts of Long Island. We listen to metal, hardcore, progressive, funk, indie, hip hop, jazz, and a variety of other music, and we write what feels good to us. We are currently recording our music, which took us seven years because of the re-grouping of the band.

The band has been together (on and off) for 7 years – with Tom and Mike writing most of the music.  Their current line-up (and the best they’ve had to date) is Tom “Ginger” (Guitar), Mike (Drums), Ryan (Bass) and the newest member John (axe).

They have released a track “Sic Amor” off of their CD project “Seven Years Bad Luck” and I got to tell you, the instrumentals in this tune are off the hook! Heavy metal tones combined with grunge and add a hint of a harder jazz jam – they really keep the listener in a groove!  They are still actively writing and will be releasing another track soon.  I also checked them out when they played at Revolution in Amityville, and their catalog of tunes, although only about 25 minutes – got me hooked immediately.

I asked how they came up with the band name – Ryan stated “because if you come from the East Coast, even when you have moved away and come back, it’s just our way of life,  a condition – “The Eastern Condition”  Mike said “That if you go into the symbolism of the direction East, you only find good things, a beautiful progression”

I asked Mike why they chose this style of music for their project, and he stated “Half the reason we chose this style of music is because we knew what our friends wanted to hear”  Our music is very organic, and when our friends came over while we jammed in our garage, they wanted more.

Keep your eyes and ears opened for this band, this generation is keeping music alive – writing, composing, and converting this old timer into a fan. Much props and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

The band is always accepting guest musicians and contributors. Find them here: