Societal Disorder

Bob_Anton_Narrow_Road“A 13-year-old boy has been found guilty of murdering a woman from West Midlands.  The body of Glynis Bensley, 47, was found in Cheshire Street, Smethwick just before midnight on 3 September.  A second defendant, Zoheb Majib, 20, of Cheshire Road, Smethwick, was cleared of murder, but found guilty of manslaughter.  Both defendants were also found guilty of robbery. They will be sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court on 17 April.  A post-mortem examination found Mrs. Bensley died of a head injury.  Police said she was hit by the 13-year-old, who cannot be named because of his age.  After he had robbed her, the youth stomped on her face with such force that his footprint was left on her cheek, a spokesman said.” BBC News

I apologize for starting off this article with such a terrible story, but it is necessary to the point I would like to make.  We are bombarded daily by terrible news.  ISIS is killing innocent men, women and children in the Middle East.  Boko Haram is spreading its own insanity in Nigeria.  Protestors around the world seem to believe that violence and destruction of personal property is a legitimate means to an end.  Ignorant college students, led by overbearing professors are bent on tearing down the very societies that enabled them to attain to higher education.   Our civilization seems to be unraveling at an unprecedented rate.

Whatever the causes, the fact remains that people are treating each other more horribly each day. Case in point, the 13 year old in the above news report.  After striking the woman hard enough to knock her down, the boy proceeded to stomp on her face, thereby ending her life.  How could such a young person even think to act so violently?  Or consider the 15 year old girl that was recently attacked by a mob of teenagers in a Brooklyn McDonalds?  Though many found time to capture the attack on their cell phones, not one witness did anything to help her.  Even while she lay on the ground, the attackers continued to beat her even kicking her in the head.  Or how about the 36 year old Iraqi immigrant who was gunned down by a 17 year old, outside his Texas home while taking pictures of his first snowfall?  Despicable acts for which there is no justification.  No logical explanation other than evil madness.

How do you feel about what you just read?  Are you disgusted?  Outraged?  You ought to be and it’s understandable.  Perhaps you are angered enough to cast dispersions upon an entire class of people.  Maybe you already have.  So here’s my point.  Two thousand years ago, Jesus warned that a time of worldwide societal disorder would come.  Along with that He said: “…because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold.”  Did you catch it?  The increase of evildoing will result in a lessening of the love people have for one another.  That is not a warning to those who do evil.  That is a warning to those who do not!  It is the people who respect the rights of others, who are in danger.  Not of suffering violence from the evildoers but of becoming the evildoers.  The only thing that restrains us is the love we have for others.

It starts with a pent up frustration regarding the evil that we see each day.  We express our anger in rants on Facebook or destructive discussions with coworkers.  In doing so we incite ourselves and others to even greater anger.  Perhaps we spend too much time watching controversial news programs or listening to aggravating radio hosts.  This constant negative input only increases our resentment toward others.  If we don’t guard our hearts, whatever love we have for our fellow man is slowly, inevitably eroded away.  The end result is we become jaded, cynical even antisocial.  Angry, bitter people who not only condone retaliatory evil, but are ready to carry it out.  We become the very people we once despised.  Be warned.  If our love grows cold, only indifference will remain and hatred is not far away.  You think about that. God bless you and………

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