Snowflake Rally

Metro NY Porsche Club of America Snowflake Rally
Story & photos by Cowboy

On Sunday, January 29th, I attended this event for the first time ever. I arrived at the start site, the Hauppauge Palace Diner and was thrilled to see more than half the parking lot filled with Porsches of all types, along with other exotic style cars as well such as, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes and even a Maserati. Inside the diner, I met the members of this unique club and learned that this was an intricately planned, precision road rally, not a race. With pages listing details, speed restrictions, check point sites and signs to spot/follow this was a very different kind of event than I have covered in the past. The end site was Joe’s Garage in Riverhead for lunch and some cool looking apple shaped trophies for the winners. Each vehicle team consisted of a driver and a navigator. Many of the stories shared by past rally participants makes me look forward to attending this event and others like it in the future. Before departing on their adventure, the MNPCA presented a check in the amount of $12,000 dollars to this year’s beneficiary, CAMP HOPE, which is a camp for children coping with a parent inflicted with cancer.
This organization is run by Nancy Briel out of the Suffolk JCC. For more info on this organization or go to At the finish site, I was privileged to hear some very cool and definitely a few funny stories from those who had never participated in a Precision Rally before. I must say that it certainly appeared to me that everyone had a good time, including myself. For more info on the club got to Thank you for the lesson about road rally’s and thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to crossing paths with y’all again in the future. Drive safe folks!