Sinister Kid

January Feature Bike:


Builder: Copper Mike

  • Gravesend Cycles, Inc.

    805 Albin Ave Lindenhurst, NY 11757

  • (631) 433-3173

Spec Sheet:


Year, make & model: 1947 H-D Knucklehead

Timeline: About a year and change


Year/model: 1947 H-D Springer

Rebuilder: Gravesend Cycles Inc.


Year/model 1947

Rebuilder: Joe Malloy

Lower end: H-D

Pistons: H-D

Cases: H-D

Heads: H-D, black nickel plated by Gravesend Plating

Cam: H-D

Lifters: H-D

Carb: S & S Super E

Air cleaner: Goodson, engraved by Tay Herrera

Exhaust: Custom fab’d fishtails by Gravesend Cycles Inc


Builder: Baker 6 into 4

Modifications: adapted for kick & electric start

Primary drive: 3″ BDL w/ outer support bearing, modified by

Gravesend Cycles, Inc.

Final drive: chain


H-D Panhead

Designer/Builder: H-D

Stretch: 4″ in the rear by Gravesend  Cycles Inc.


Bars: Copper Mike of Gravesend Cycles Inc. Risers: 3” dog bone, brass
Fenders; H-D modified by Copper Mike
Gas Tank: Gravesend Cycles Inc.

Oil bag: Gravesend Cycles Inc.
Headlight: Antique car spotlight, modified Taillight: Brass starboard boat light, modified Pegs: Gravesend Cycles Inc.
Seat: Duane Ballard Custom Leather Saddle Bag: Duane Ballard Custom Leather Battery Box: Duane Ballard Custom Leather

Front Wheel: 16” w/Fat Daddy spokes Front Tire: Avon
Rear Wheel: Avon
Rotors: Performance Machine Brakes: Performance Machine

Bodywork/molding/painter: Mick Terwillger, Visual Impact Paint Colors: Flat black, gloss black, satin black
Powdercoating: Gerry Smith, Renu Powdercoating
Plating: Gravesend Plating
Engraving: Tay Herrera


Special Thanks to the guys in the shop: Matt, T, Anthony and The Don


“The Sinister Kid”

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Photos by G-Man


The latest award winning build by Gravesend Cycles Inc., has all of the handsome design elements, craftsmanship & details that we have come to expect from bike builder, Copper Mike. “The Sinister Kid” was a commissioned build by a client that Copper Mike met out at the Love Ride in CA. Soon after they met, Mr. Mike Detwiler began the process of this build with Copper Mike and had his 1947 H-D Knucklehead sent to the shop, and about a year later, here we are!

Once again, Copper Mike of Gravesend Cycles, Inc. has rolled out yet another signature build that people stop, look, and say, “That’s definitely a Copper Mike build, his style is timeless & unmistakable”! And that is one of the finest compliments Copper Mike could ask for….

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