Sayville Summerfest

Sayville’s Annual Summerfest Car Show

Story & photos by Cowboy

As the day dawned on a beautiful L.I. summer Sunday, a rumble was heard throughout the Village of this quaint little south shore town, which meant only one thing – the Sayville Summerfest Car Gathering was once again happening along Main Street. By 7am, I was walking down Main Street to find at least 50 or more cars, classics and trucks already setting up their vehicles and displays. With polishing cloths in hand, the owners were happy to share details about their rides with each other. As I arrived at the registration site, which was near the Saville fire house, the 2-parking lots were full, boasting nearly 60 more show vehicles including the beloved custom hot rods. As I peeked around the corner, I saw that there was still two long lines of vehicles preparing to set up, while the folks from DJ Night Train were tuning up the amps and getting ready to rock the crowd.

I always enjoy this show because I get to see many locals that I have become friendly with and I enjoy the nostalgia of this old town, but mostly because I get to see some different machines. Suddenly, I heard a loud pop and turned just in time to catch a geyser of steam in my photo lens as a bad-ass hot rod blew a hose & started to overheat. All was well, it was just a clap and was repaired as soon as the car cooled down, but it did make for an awesome photo. In all, a total of nearly 200 cars and trucks occupied every inch of street space that could be spared. Thanks to all who make this show go on every year and to the Sayville Chamber of Commerce for putting on yet another great event. See y’all again next year folks. Drive safe!