Ryders Don’t Play MC

Ryders Don’t Play M.C. LI Bikini Bike Wash

Article by Lee Sheridan

Photos by Cowboy

What better way to spend a hot, Sunday afternoon in July, than with a bikini bike wash. RDP M.C. is a family oriented club, who believe in respect, loyalty and helping the community. With chapters in many states this club supports the brother and sisterhood and believes that all races, creeds and color can come together and live life in peace. They also know how to cut loose and have fun, which is what this day of unity brought forth. The lovely Lisa, donated her time to suds up the bikes and made sure to cool herself off in the process. Support came in from many local M.C.’s and independents. DJ entertainment kept the day flowing and good eats kept many bellies full. RDP M.C. hosted a successful event and thank all who came out to show support.

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