The ultimate app for the modern motorcyclist is taking the Motorcycle world by storm. The reviews of what it offers are fantastic. An interactive motorcycle app developed by Mike Harrison, Gary Balleau and Ideal Designs that provides you with the best scenic routes and trip planner, with weather reports for those long rides, and lets you know which motorcycle shops are nearby. In addition,’s features will put bars, restaurants, hotels, and service stations in the palm of your hand.

Discover options that you never thought existed. delivers the most motorcycle friendly experience, where you can watch videos and see photos of other subscribers, showcasing the beauty of life on the road.’s capabilities let you view your ride before each journey, allowing you to download your rides to share with the world, on top of keeping you updated with all bike week schedules. It’s the motorcycle app that gets you lost, and found. In addition to the basic app explained in this product profile, you can add the ‘Widow Maker’ feature, which alerts you about potholes found on your mapped out journey, as well as an ‘Emergency’ feature that works like an OnStar device alerting the proper authorities, or facilities in case you are involved in an accident, or emergency.

We don’t all love surprises, and takes the guess work out of riding. Now you can meet new people and enjoy rides with more safety in numbers. If you’re new to the motorcycle scene, is a must have.

If two wheels move your soul, we want to get you out there.’s global potential lets you connect with people in the motorcycle community.

Your ride, your journey, anywhere in the world. Take riding to the next level. Download today and enjoy.

As a rider, sharing the roads with other vehicles can be quite challenging. Every tool provided to riders to help ensure safety should be seriously considered. Be safe out there with