REV-4-DEV 2017

10th Annual Rev-4-Dev Memorial Ride

Article by Brett Beatty (Devin Beatty’s father)

Photos by Sonny McKuskie, Cowboy and Ron Monteleone

The Rev-4-Dev run always went off without a hitch. I cannot believe that for 2 years in a row we had to reschedule for the following week. Both this and last year Mother Nature just did not want to work with us and insisted on dumping buckets of rain, sending down whirling winds and casting stormy skies. To really add insult to injury it rained on the reschedule date, which had us up against 4 other runs. With all that being said, I really have to send a heartfelt thank you to all that supported our ride this year. It proves once again that the world is filled with people who care and are loyal to what they believe in and care about most in life. I’m honored that this run for my son, Devin, is in their hearts.

I appreciate and would like to acknowledge Motorcycle Mike Esq, East Coast Superbikes, Ernie and the American Legion Hall Post 1006, Frank Redatime Shirts, MOD Printing, The Wine & Liquor Depot, Beth from Oakdale H-D, Maria from Pride Supplies & Embroidery and the O’Conee Diner.

A special thank you goes out to Lou Gianconteri for the always perfect escort, which was delivered on his 2006 Police Special. To my grandson, Dylan, who is everything and more. To my son, Brandon and all the members of the D.E.V. Ryderz MC., whose assistance is critical in bringing attention and support to this ride, and of course to Lee & Greg Sheridan from Full Throttle Magazine, who always ensure the success of the Rev-4-Dev Ride.

Last but never least, I cannot forget where it is that I come from…my childhood friends who were as kids and always will be known to many as the “Brentwood Boys”. These guys have always been there and always will be. You know who you are…and so many other do too!