Original 1982 FLH

I always had “old school” bikes. Mainly shovels, but all chopped. In time, I eventually sold them. I always wanted an original, but it’s not that easy to find one. It took about a year to find this one. I came across this 1982 FLH all stock and I had to have it. It was a museum piece that sat for over 12 years. I brought it to Christian over at “Machine Modified” in Farmingdale, NY. He was quite impressed. It didn’t take much to get her going. Rebuilt the carb and changed the fuel and oil lines. I also replaced the original tires with reproduction tires. She runs just like it was 1982.


Original 1982 FLH Harley-Davidson Shovel Head
Owner: Dave
Hometown: Center Moriches, LI, NY

Engine: 80 cu in
HP: 65
Tranny: 4 speed, train drive
Gas Tank: 3.5 gallons
Oil Tank: 4 quarts
Electric Start