Feature Bike FT Magazine Sept 2015 (2)I started building bikes when I was twenty one years old. During this time, I started working at NYC Choppers and was absorbing all the building skills available to me. Unfortunately, I was in a serious motorcycle accident when I was twenty three years old and lost half of my left middle finger, hence the nickname Nine.5. After the accident, I decided that I wanted to prefect my welding skills, so I set my sites on achieving my welding certifications. I stayed in the welding field for a few years, but hungered to get back to turning wrenches on motorcycles, and so with that drive in mind I talked to Copper Mike from Gravesend Cycles. Mike, who is a master motorcycle builder and craftsmen in his own right, took me on board. I was now seeing the art of custom bike building taken to a whole new level.

Today, I am a full time welder and enjoy scooting around on Nine.5. This is a build that I am very proud of. She is my masterpiece and one hell of a ride.

Bike Name: NINE.5
2013 Custom
Builder & owner: Matt Stilwagen
Hometown: Long Island, NY

Paint: Mike Terwilliger
Powder: ReNu Powdercoating
Engine: Ultima 113″
Tranny: Ultima 6 speed
Primary: 3″ open BDL
Wheels: SMT machining
Tires: Avon
Seat: Duane Ballard
Forks: Mean Street Products
Gas tank, fender, oil tank, exhaust, controls, frame: Matt Stilwagen