Narrow Roads July 2015

Bob_Anton_Narrow_RoadLast month, I shared with you some thoughts on the goodness of God and the importance of coming to trust Him in both good times and bad.  I had also mentioned that my mother had suddenly become bedridden.  Despite this very bad news and the subsequent disruption to our lives as we now care for our mother 24-7, my faith in the goodness of the God I serve has not wavered.  In fact it has only grown stronger over the past month.  Allow me to tell you why.

Back in 2012 my mother had a serious operation.  We believe that the anesthesia effected her as it sometimes does with older people.  She fell into a deep depression and has remained that way since.  Despite the efforts of her doctor and her family, we have had no success in helping our mother to emerge from her very depressed state.  A once very strong and vibrant woman has deteriorated over a short period of time into a shell of what she once was.

Over that period of time she progressively cut herself off from family and friends.  Although she lives only a mile away, she refused to allow anyone to visit her other than to drop off food, mail, or flowers on special occasions.  In the past 6 months, even that ended and only my sister was allowed to enter her home to drop off food.  Even our telephone conversations were limited to small talk and rarely lasted more than 5 minutes.  My mother had effectually exiled herself within her own home.

Since she has refused medical treatment for her depression and because aside from the depression, she is in her right mind, all we could do was offer to visit, talk on the phone, check on her regularly and pray that God would bring healing.  My specific prayer was that God would remove the veil of darkness that had blanketed my mother’s life and help her to live in the light again.  I prayed that she would open the door to her home once more and willingly interact with her children and grandchildren.

Well as I stated last month, on May 15th my mom fell and seriously hurt her hip.  It was this injury that caused her to be bedridden and it is this same injury that has been the catalyst for her slow but steady recovery from depression.  Because she is no longer able to care for herself, she has had no choice but to allow us into her home to attend to her needs.  At first she fought us tooth and nail, but eventually she became accustomed to our continued presence.  Since then, each week has gotten a little better.

In all the commotion of dealing with this major change to our lives, I failed to take note of how my mother’s life had changed.  This past weekend, as I sat on the couch in her den watching T.V., I surveyed the situation.  My wife was sitting by my side and our daughter was sitting nearby in a chair.  Our youngest son was at the kitchen table doing homework and my sister was doing some light housework.  The windows were open and the room was filled with light and noise.  In the middle of it all was my mom, lying in a hospital bed and interacting with all of us.  Although she is far from her old self, and perhaps never will be that person again, she has come a long way from depth of darkness and depression that had been her life for the past three years.  The grandkids can now come over to visit and this weekend, she will get to see her 8 month old great granddaughter for the first time.

Is it an answer to my prayers?  Not a doubt in my mind.  Is it the way I would have expected?  No, not a chance, but God said through His prophet Isaiah: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, “declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”  I trust in a good God who answers prayers in His own way.  Sometimes things work out just as we had hoped and other times they look far different from what we expected.  But in every case, I have come to believe that He is good all of the time and His way is best.  After all….He is God.  You think about that.  God bless you and…..

See you on the road.

Bob Anton: Christian Motorcyclists Association

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  1. Hey Bob,

    A friend and I have been building our OEM turbo business for a couple of years and just opened a rebuilding service, that is how I found Full Throttle Magazine. Poking through the website, excited to see if our first ad was posted yet, I found your column. I enjoy your insight and like to know that there are people who change the subject from the negative spectacular headlines and help us refocus.

    I love turbos and the car business but my first business is printing and mailing. Since 1921 we have printed for the church and if you ever have any printing or mailing needs I would be happy to help.

    Rich Haas
    FJ Remey Co Inc.


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