Merrick Car Show

Father’s Day at the Car Show

Story & photos by Cowboy

I was a little worried when I looked out my window on Father’s Day morning and saw a sea of fog, but by the time I arrived at Merrick Train Station for the Annual Car Show/Motorcycle run the weather was starting to clear. I arrived to a line of classic vehicles waiting to get this show on the road. This show, which benefits the Nassau County Sheriff’s Dept. Widows & Children Fund grows in numbers each year. While getting ready to start shooting, I heard a familiar rumble coming from Sunrise Highway, I looked up to see around 65 Motorcycles,(Led by members of the Forsaken Guns M.C.) rolling into the area set aside for motorcycles parking.

It was a pleasure to meet new folks and see their rides for the first time. The show included a Father/Daughter duo in a cool Austin Healey. After all it was dad’s day, so it was nice to see so many families accompanying their pop to the show. Thank you to all who took part in this event. A special thank you goes out to all our law enforcement officers for all that they do in the line of duty.


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