Meet Miss Full Throttle 2016

Miss Full Throttle 2016 Dolores Dominguez (1)Meet Miss Full Throttle 2016, Dolores Dominquez


Let me start by saying that I am very much looking forward to meeting so many of you during my reign as Miss Full Throttle 2016. Now to tell you a little bit about me. I’m originally from Staten Island. I first came to Long Island when I was stationed out at Montauk with the United States Coast Guard. So don’t be fooled by the dress and the heels, I’m tactically trained, and fully capable of taking down grown men lol. I was a Machinery Technician, which is where I built my first Diesel engine, a Detroit Diesel 6V92TA and I haven’t put my wrenches down since. As a civilian now, I’m still a diesel mechanic, and operate heavy equipment. In my spare time I like to tinker around with my bikes and hot rods at my shop, Kraftwerks Customs. You can always find me at Full Throttle bike nights on my hot pink 750, or my 81 Suzuki bobber – I love to ride.

I am from Puerto Rican and German descent, which attributes to my exotic look and strong will. As an only child some would think I would have been raised with a pampered hand, but it is very much the opposite for me, I am very independent and believe you have to work hard to achieve the goals you set forth for yourself. When I was first approached with the opportunity to model, I found that I was quite intrigued and looked at it as a way to enhance another side of myself. I have enjoyed shooting for Pinup Club, Viva Van story, Cycle Source and 94.3 The Shark NY.

I like many outdoor sports such as perfecting my aim at the shooting range, ridding quads and horseback riding. Relaxing time at home consists of playing poker and watching NASCAR, besides playing with my furry family friends, and planting vegetable and flower gardens.  When I take vacations it’s just me and the open road. No schedule, no place to be. I like to travel down what’s left of historic Route 66 and see what adventure is awaiting. I’m a Crossfitter and train at Crossfit Cobalt. I love Rock and Roll. I love my country. I salute our Veterans. God Bless America!

What’s most dear to my heart is animal rescue…Cats, dogs, ferrets, raccoons, you name it. If you love animals, then I love you. I foster kitties for ‘A Wing and a Prayer Animal Rescue’, and I’m always going out on calls to help our little furry friends in distress. By just spreading a little love, you have the power to make a difference in the world.
When I was asked why I competed to be Miss Full Throttle and what it means to me to now represent the magazine, my answer was simply this: I love to ride. I love Full Throttle Magazine and the work that they do. I’m proud to be Miss Full Throttle and to be a part of the best damn motorcycle community around!


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