Maya’s Run

Story & photos by Cowboy

Once again the Long Island motorcycle community came together to help a few families in need. This run was created a number of years ago to help a young lady named Maya, who was battling Leukemia. For this year’s run a group of 7 L.I. motorcycle clubs: Ryders Don’t Play, D.E.V. Ryderz, Two 4 Seven West, First Generation, Ironheads,14.5, and Road Reapers once again banded together to support and raise funds for an 11 year old, free spirited, young girl named Laney. The run began at the Ironheads MC clubhouse with breakfast, and ended at the Road Reapers MC clubhouse with a variety of appetizing food, which was prepared by members of each of the MC’s, games and music by Urban Sounds Entertainment.

The clubs came up with their own new and fun version of the Olympics. Each club hosted a game of skill, strength or just fun! One of the people who helped with this year’s event was the guest of honor, Laney, who loves to dance and refuses to let Leukemia slow her down. When you see Laney’s smile, you know she is a fighter. This event is the real showing of what this community is all about; brotherhood, caring about others and joining forces to help make a difference! Thank you to all involved in this year’s event, and my personal message to young Laney, “You got this…Never stop dancing!”