May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

philFrankelMay is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May was designated Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proclaimed May, as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in the State of New York.  The proclamation speaks to motorcyclists’ awareness of safety and drivers’ awareness of motorcycles. 

The proclamation states, “WHEREAS, Each year, motorcycle riders are killed by drivers who do not see them; greater public awareness must be achieved in an effort to reduce the numbers of fatalities;”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from 2011 to 2012, there was an increase of 7 percent of motorcyclists killed and a 15-percent increase of motorcyclists injured.

Most of these accidents happen because drivers just never see the motorcyclist. ABATE is doing a great job of placing motorcycle awareness signs on the roads but everyone needs to get involved.

We’ve been helping raise awareness of motorcycles on the road with our campaign BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE®.  Every year, we give out lawn signs, bumper stickers, magnetic bumper stickers and large magnetic car signs.

Costco-20130501-cropped2Look for our motorcycle awareness billboards at LI Costco stores in May.  BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE® and the 1-800-HURT-911 logo gets nearly 1 million views on our billboards at Costco warehouse stores in Suffolk and Nassau every May.

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