Marine Corps League

Marine Corps League of Brooklyn Helping Vets

Story & photos by Tami Ellinport

Last month, a very successful event was held at the Knights of Columbus on Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn. The Marine Corps League (MCL) of Brooklyn is always looking for ways to help Veterans that served their country and in need of re-adjusting upon their return home. The money raised at events goes towards the very programs that assist those Veterans, as well as their Toys for Tots

program. Although it was a little brisk out and quite windy, the parking lot was half full with motorcycles. Four hundred guests filled the hall, and the outside deck that rests on Sheepshead Bay. Also on the deck was a huge pig roasting away, while guests waited patiently to dig into it. Christopher “Chef” and Randy Meadows, did the rest of the cooking right there in the Knights of Columbus kitchen. There was more than enough food to have seconds and even thirds…why not, considering that the food was absolutely delicious.

During the early part of the day, Joey Leone, a one man band, belted out the tunes. In attendance were several clubs, independents and moms and pops. I took exception to Bryan, a marine that I met and who served our country in Afghanistan. During his tour, Bryan lost three limbs and currently wears prosthetics that he takes off in humor. This young man has a smile a mile long and is loved by so many. A shout out to the First Front MC, who are Marine Corps members, and who along with their significant others worked diligently to help make this event a success. I know a thank you goes out to the Knights of Columbus that donated their hall. I am looking forward to First Front MC’s first official event called “Standing with Bryan” on July 8th at the Lone Star Sports Bar & Grill in Brooklyn. This event is to help raise funds for Bryan, who is mentioned in this article. The funds will sponsor a motorcycle that is specifically designed and built for him, so he can ride with his brothers. Semper Fi!