philFrankelThe most important part of brain injury awareness is understanding that a concussion is a brain injury.By now, most people are aware of the problem with concussions in football. Concussions are an even bigger problem in soccer. Motorcycle accidents are also a frequent cause of concussions.
A concussion can cause bleeding too small to be seen on a hospital CT scan but can be detected months later with Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI MRI). This type of concussion may cause short-term symptoms which go away or it can cause long-term symptoms which may be considered medically minor but are life altering.
More serious concussions cause bleeding which can be seen on a hospital CT scan. Concussions causing bleeding in the brain will likely result in life altering symptoms such as memory loss, mood swings and many more symptoms, too numerous to mention here but which can be seen at our website
One of our current clients was on his motorcycle on a straight road on a nice Sunday morning when he struck a car making a left turn out of a shopping center. He was wearing a full helmet but his head hit the road and a CT scan in the hospital showed bleeding in the brain.
Our client has been suffering with memory loss and other symptoms which have not gone away. Unfortunately, he will have lifelong symptoms which may worsen later in life. We just won a motion for summary judgment which found that the driver was 100% at fault. Because we won summary judgment, the jury will not decide who was at fault. At trial, the jury will only decide how much to award and our client will be entitled to 9% interest on the money he receives.
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