Low Rider Returns


Many of us who actually owned an original Shovelhead Low Rider can appreciate this reintroduction to the HD lineup. After five years away from the lineup, a Low Rider model has re-joined the Harley-Davidson ranks. This new Low Rider, a mid-year 2014 model priced at $14,199, traces its lineage back to the 1977 original, which is described by The Motor Company as a “ride-it-hard, put-it-away-dirty” type of bike that became an icon.

Harley tackles the challenge with a rubber-mounted Twin Cam 103 engine mounted in a Dyna chassis that has a low 25.4-inch seat height and ergonomics designed to fit a broad range of riders. Harley, in fact, has come up with what it calls the “perfect-fit” riding position, a concept made possible by the Low Rider having a two-position seat and adjustable handlebar risers, plus foot pegs moved two inches forward of the previous Dyna mid-mount position.

Paul Weiss, lead engineer on the bike, explains: “We wanted the Low Rider to offer an expanded comfort envelope, and worked in three stages toward that goal. We started with live feedback from riders of all sizes, and then employed Pro/Engineer computer simulations of posture and riding positions to project the best positions for rider controls.” In this process, computer-generated riding triangles for riders that range from 5-foot-1 to 6-foot-1 were overlaid on the Dyna chassis. After much study, Harley came up with a seat that can move the rider fore or aft 1.5 inches via a removable bolster with hidden screws. What’s more, the 2014 Low Rider’s headlamp visor bolts to the upper triple clamp to serve as a support for the adjustable handlebar, which offers 2.4 inches of adjustment and is secured by four hex-head bolts.

Welcome back Low Rider, I’m looking forward to a test ride.


What year did Harley-Davidson bump up the Sportsters displacement from 900cc to 1000cc?

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QUESTION: This year Harley is unveiling a new sportster called the XL1200T, factory equipped with saddlebags, a windshield and larger fuel tank.

The T in XL1200T stands for touring. But this not the first XLT, what years did Harley Davidson first release a touring sportster model?

  ANSWER: 1977 Harley-Davidson XLT – The Touring Sportster, sometimes called a “Baby Dresser.”  It is apparently one of the rarest modern Harley-Davidson models, with only 1,099 having been built in one year of production.


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