Judas Priest

Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls Tour at The Paramount NY

Review, photos and cover layout by Momma Duke’s (cover photo provided by JP management)
On November 5th and 6th the Paramount NY (an intimate venue that holds 1500) was sold out both nights so that Long Island metal fans could watch one of the greats perform – Judas Priest!
One of my “bucket list” bands, I was super stoked to be able to shoot this show! Sporting my “Screaming for Vengeance” painted denim – autographed by the Metal God himself, (thank you Xciter!) I was nervous as fuck! Seriously I’m 52 years old and I felt like I was a teenager on my first date! My professionalism went right out the friggin window! Holy Shit, I’m in the pit shooting Judas Priest!
The audience was a mix of at least 4 generations of Priest fans, which was fabulous… metal will never die! The show started with the “Battle Cry Intro”. Then out of the darkness, Bassist Ian Hill, Guitarists Glenn Tipton, Richie Faulkner and Drummer Scott Travis, go right into “Dragonaut”. You could hear the voice of Rob Halford and then finally he appears on stage! The fans went wild (me included)! During “Metal Gods” the leather and trench coat clad Halford managed to notice and point to a yellow smiley face balloon floating above him… not a typical sight to see at a Priest show, but he rocked it!
The set list was impressive – playing 12 songs with “Hell Bent for Leather” being what you thought was the last song, and yes Halford came out riding a Harley and sang the entire song while still sitting on it.. and NO, I have no shots of this so deal with the “yellow balloon” moment. They finished up with 4 more songs – the last 2 being “Pain Killer” and “Living after Midnight”. All in all this was indeed a defining moment for fiercely loyal Priest Fans… especially the ones right here on Long Island.



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