Jim Morrison Tribute Bike


Photos by RYNO Photography

Owner: Brian Hubbs | Big Pimpin’ Cycles, Hoodlum Projects bigpimpincycles@gmail.com

(518) 795-4168 Schenectady NY



Make: Honda

Model: 1983 CB650SC Nighthawk

Engine: McNasty Inline 4 Cylinder

Carbs: Sigma Jet Kit, other modifications for ramping, in house custom painted

Tranny: Shaft Drive 6 Speed


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Originally from Long Island, I have always had passion for fast cars & hot bikes since I was a kid. Growing up, I always hot rodded whatever I owned from bicycles to go carts to cars to motorcycles, which put me at different levels than others! I never wanted “stock” or cookie cutter anything! I always had to be different. Back in the early 80’s I started wrenching on bikes & cars making them faster & different. I relocated to Upstate NY in 1999 as a welder/Ironworker and then in 2012, I opened Big Pimpin’ Cycles.

In the spring of 2013, I decided to pick up a metric and start a bobber project for publicity, which is now known as “Lizard King”. Along with expressing my talent in Art & fabrication is my love for good old school rock such as the Doors, Hendrix, Joplin, etc… So I decided to start building tribute bikes AKA “Hoodlum Projects”, which is based on the “27″ club and other musicians.  Here I pay attention to detail to bring the feel of that artist thru the build.


The Jim Morrison Tribute AKA “Lizard King” sought the look of strip down brassy flash, but also the act of making a statement with raw explosive concepts.

There are many one-off eye catching head turning attractions to this build , I will start with the fact that not many decide to hard tail a direct drive shaft driven bike , most would follow the bombardment of chain driven publicity. So on the note of being different this task had to be accomplished, and was.

Then moving on to the tank & rear fender, the concept there was to minimize the view blocking of the good ole McNasty inline 4 cyl. The achievement was to keep the tank fuel efficient, but small enough to make the all motor appearance stand out to the maximum. So with that in mind I went with a modified Harley Sportster peanut.