Insure my Bike in the Winter?

What Should I Do With My Motorcycle Insurance During The Winter?


If you put your motorcycle away for the winter and cancel your insurance, DO NOT take your motorcycle on the road, even for a short five minute ride.

It’s always that short five minute ride without insurance that’s the most likely time for an accident, and we’ve seen that happen a couple of times.

Without insurance, you’ll lose the benefit of a quick replacement with your collision and comprehensive coverage. If you are injured in a hit and run or the car has no insurance, you’ll be out of luck without uninsured coverage; and if you had underinsured coverage before canceling, you won’t have it now.

Should you cancel your insurance for the winter?

First of all, there are always some nice days during the winter when you may be tempted to go for a ride. If your insurance policy is still in force, you can legally go for a ride anytime you want with the comfort that you and your motorcycle are insured.

Second, there are many ways you could lose your motorcycle while in storage. Your motorcycle could be stolen or destroyed in a fire or flood.

Third, you may not even save money because instead of renewing your insurance policy, you will be starting with a new policy in the spring probably with a higher rate than the renewal rate.  You may also lose other discounts.

You might be able to choose a winter layup policy which will cover your motorcycle if it is damaged or stolen, but it will not give you insurance coverage to take your motorcycle on the road on days when the weather gets nice.  Don’t forget that there are some winter days where it is just too tempting to go for a ride.

If you cancel your insurance for the winter, don’t forget to take at least $250,000 underinsured coverage when you insure your motorcycle in the spring.

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