Icebreaker Bash 2017

ICEBREAKER BASH #15 Was One for the Books!

Story by Lee Sheridan

Photos by Sonny McKuskie, Bob Stegmaier, Cowboy, Ron Monteleone,

For the first time since its inception, our annual Full Throttle IceBreaker Bash was held in March, the 5th to be exact. Things got off to a little bit of a rough start, due to 89 North booking a worshipping community to hold church inside the venue on that morning. Church and the IceBreaker under one roof, not a chance. So we waited for the congregation to say their last Amen before transforming 89 North into what is known to the motorcycle community as the cabin fever party of the year!

By high noon, the ice bike (Built by Apple Ice and sponsored by Cavalier & Assoc, P.C.) took its honored position in front of the stage, where it glistened in all its glory under the revolving display of colored lights, transforming the bike from blue, to green, to purple and so on. As the venue filled with Full Throttle guests, the much anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed buffet filled with delicious dishes from Garden City Pizza was ready to tantalize everyone’s pallet. Don’t let the name fool you, Greg Bavarro, owner of GCP has been catering high-end affairs for many years where the guests go home dreaming about the mouth-watering dishes they were treated to, and so is the case at our IceBreaker.

While all dined, talked and reconnected with friends whom haven’t been together since the last of the 2016 events, DJ Joey emceed and rocked the place out with familiar tunes to get everyone in the mood for the crazy night that lied ahead. Joe Rock and The All Stars began to play setting the tone for the upcoming outrageous, audience participation, and judged contests. The best buns, chest and belly contests are truly the icebreaker of this event. Once the contests start there is no telling what will happen, and so the fun begins. Those who compete put on a show of their own and we all kill ourselves laughing. Because of these performances, the IceBreaker Bash is marketed for adults only. Enuf said. Following this hilarious display of no holds barred competition, Mike Terwilliger and Smokin Gun judged the tattoo contest.

My gratitude is extended to all our FT family-crew and our FT family-volunteers, who are always there to lend a helping hand, and who work hard to help make all our events a success. Thank you to our staff photographers for the countless amount of photos they shoot at the FTM events, as well as the hundreds of events that we cover throughout the year. Our serving volunteers did a wonderful job of filling up the plates of our hungry guests, as well as performing the heavy duty task of cleaning up after, and for that I am very grateful to you all. The Lovely JoJo once again did a beautiful job of providing the bouquets of flowers, sash and crown for the Miss FT competition and so I extend to you a heartfelt thank you. Once again I must single out a very special member of my staff, who always goes above and beyond in any task she is given. She runs the Miss FT contest from behind the scenes and pretty much keeps me tightly wound and on point when I am starting to unravel. She is the wearer of many FTM hats and I must say, she wears them all well. Momma Dukes, thank you for…well, there is way too much to thank you for so I’ll just say, “Thank you for being you. You are a true asset to FTM.” Last but not least, congrats to Apple Ice for carving out another ice bike masterpiece.


Miss Full Throttle 2017 Competition

Over the years, this competition has grown in notoriety and in capturing the interest of many lovely, young women who register to compete. The title of Miss FTM comes with a significant amount of responsibility when it comes to representing and marketing Full Throttle Magazine.

The Miss Full Throttle Contest is truly the crème de la crème of the IceBreaker Bash. This year four elegant women (Adrianna, Rebecca, Dolores (Miss FT 2016), and Sugar) competed for the coveted title. Each and every one of them showed creativity in their performances and displayed a true passion to become Miss FT during the competition. Our official Miss FT emcee’s, Joe Rock and Mark Mendoza, as always, did a wonderful job at hosting this contest. When the time came to announce the new Miss FT, Joe opened the envelope bearing the winners names and in his captivating voice announced, “2nd runner-up – Sugar, 1st runner-up – Dolores and our new Miss Full Throttle for 2017 is Adrianna Amaya!”  Congratulations to the beautiful Adrianna our new Miss Full Throttle, and to Dolores and Sugar for taking the runner up positions. Special thanks to our judges for doing such a remarkable job in choosing the new Miss FT: Mike/US Vets MC, The Lovely JoJo, Motorcycle Mike Levin Esq., Phil Franckel & Rob Plevy/1-800-HURT911, Rob Rush/94.3 the Shark Radio and Larry Altholtz /Harley-Davidson of Nassau County.

I would like to welcome to our FT family the new Miss Full Throttle, Adrianna Amaya! She is a true artist in many ways. Not only does she have the voice of an angel, she is also a burlesque performer. Modeling comes natural to her and was quite apparent when we did our first shoot with Adrianna. She carries herself with poise and confidence while winning the hearts of all who meet her. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Adrianna to our Full Throttle family. See more photos of our new Miss Full Throttle and read all about this very talented beauty inside this issue of FTM.