Holiday Gifts for Motorcyclists

_Ortiz Big Apple Motorcycle SchoolBy Diane Ortiz – President and founder of the Big Apple Motorcycle School

Santa often needs a bit of help this time of year finding just the right gift for the motorcycle enthusiast. Here are a few suggestions to put on your list (hint – casually leave list in a conspicuous spot for Santa to find). We’ve used the $ to indicate price range, similar to the ratings used in restaurant reviews. One $ means inexpensive (under $50) to $$$ (over $400)

Headgear: A new helmet is always a welcome addition! Most riders (and passengers) have a favorite that they use most of the time and if it’s more than a few years old it’s probably due for replacement. Suggestion: purchase a gift certificate at a motorcycle store or dealer and package it in an empty helmet box. Add some face shield cleaner, wiping cloth, under-helmet sweatband or baklava and you have a thoughtful, and useful, gift. You could also add some protective eyewear. $-$$$

Electronics: State-of-the-art communications sets are now available that fit any helmet. Bluetooth technology links them up with cellphones and other devices. Alternately, a tank bag specially built to accommodate such gear. $$

Heated Clothing: Recent innovations in this area include thinner wires and lithium batteries so heated gear is more comfortable and less bulky. You no longer have to plug into your bike’s electrical system. The tradeoff is that most lithium batteries last approximately 2 hours at full heat settings to a rated maximum of about 8 hours. Another advantage is that you can use this gear for other sports like skiing or snowmobiling or just being outside in the cold! Suggested items are gloves and vests. $$

Bike Maintenance: Every rider likes to keep their bike clean! A gift of various motorcycle detail products or lubricants would be a useful gift. There are many on the market that are for all-round use and others that are brand or type specific $-$$ Motorcycle-specific tools or tool-rolls also make a great gift. Make sure you know whether they need metric or standard for their bike.

Accessories: Most riders favor a certain motorcycle brand and there are a myriad of logo items, from t-shirts, socks and jackets to belt buckles, wallets, belts etc. that can vary from under $25 to hundreds of dollars.
If you are getting a gift for someone who doesn’t ride, consider a gift certificate for a training package that includes the license waiver like the MSF Basic Rider Course. If they already ride, perhaps some one-on-one coaching/training would be appreciated. Everyone can benefit from personal, professional evaluation to help bring their riding to the next level.
During this time of holiday giving let’s also remember those who are less fortunate. The many toy drives supported by local motorcycle clubs can always use some volunteers to help out, whether or not you ride.
Happy Holidays to all and a safe and Happy New Year!

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