Hogs do Fly or….


A stuntman “Steve Mayer” not satisfied with just riding his Harley Davidson took it one step further – by launching the vehicle into the sky.

The motorcycle was strapped to a paraglider and launched off of the foothills around Mount Timpanogos in Utah, around 50 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

Steve also owns a local paragliding store, he rode the Harley on its flights, which saw it climb as high as 500ft above the ground. The 700lbs motorcycle was lifted into the sky by the powerful winds which are common in that area.

A local stunt director who coordinated the flight, said: ‘because the Harley-Davidson weighs over 700 pounds, it was really hard for us the get the right winds and weather for Steve to fly successfully.

‘We had been working on the project for over a year, and I’m glad we didn’t kill Steve in the process – there were a few close calls.’

Well at least after he landed he didn’t have to wait for a lift home, just pack up the wing and ride off.

And that’s why I could decide if the tittle of this column should be “HOGS CAN FLY” or “PEOPLE DO THE DUMBEST THINGS”…..you decide!


Trivia Question of the Month:


1957 was the first year of the XL Sportster, that year Harley and that year only Harley also produced a version designated XLC. What did the “C” stand for?

Answer to last month’s trivia question:


Contrary to popular belief, the motorcycles used in the movie “Easyrider” we’re not lost or destroyed. One of them, which was wrecked during filming, has been restored by who?  Was it:

A.) Dan Hagerty, who played Grizzly Adams in the TV show of the same name.

B.) Dennis Hopper, who actually rode the bike in the movie or was it

C.) Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin when he was in America promoting their second album.


Answer:  As the story goes there were 4 bikes made for the movie: Captain America and the Billy Bike, each bike had a double. Three were stolen after the movie was filmed, before the movie was even released, Dan Hagerty restored the Billy Bike double and eventually gave it to the Guggenheim Museum.

Bo’s Monthly Words of Wisdom: FAMOUS LAST WORDS: Don’t worry, I welded it myself!

“Live to Ride or Step Aside”

Written by Bo
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