Ho – Ho – Ho’s

Air Out Your Laundry

Dec, 2017 ~ (For entertainment purposes only…mine!) Need to rant? Write in to me on social media. Search for ‘Princess Geri Cannoli’.

HoHoHo, Merry Christmas

There was a time when I loved this holiday, but it has become so commercial that my hair stands up on its own. To me it’s about family. I used to set up my award winning, wipe out your living room holiday village. I miss those days of baking for hours, decorating the cookies and wrapping presents. Unlike then, I now give gifts cards and fall asleep on the couch before or after working. Life was different back then and I miss those days big time. Now, before I get teary eyed, let’s get too Air and see the craziness.

Hey Cannoli,

I dated this girl many years ago. She left me for your X. She died of a drug overdose because of him……


Hey HBB,

  1. Leave my X out of the situation. He’s cleaned up his act unlike you and you’re over the hill friends with drug problems).
  2. Adults are responsible for the path they take in life. It is always easy to blame others for the bad in your life, but the one who is responsible, is the person looking back at you when you look in the mirror.


Dear Great and Powerful,

I work with this young girl, not only is she fat and lazy, she is a chit chat know it all. The other day she came over to my department and aggravated me and another co-work with her obnoxious behavior.


Dear Twisted,

Tell Chatty Cathy to blow off, go on a diet and ZIP IT!


Hey Princess,

I work with a 35 year old woman. I have no respect for her at all because she puts her jailbird boyfriend before her child. She had the nerve to say to me that I was jealous because she had a boyfriend and I don’t.


Hello Get a Grip.

Serious? Is this a serious story? I have to ask because I find it hard to believe that anyone would even care what someone like your co-worker says or thinks. You need to indulge more in work and worry less about what low-life losers say to you.


I may change the title of my column to “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions”. Holy crap my head is spinning!


Wishing you all Safe and Blessed Holidays!