Heavy Static

Wear a gas mask, because Heavy Static is the next Epidemic.

‘Here Comes the Fear’

Alt-pop/rock trio, Heavy Static, are set to release their EP, ‘Here Comes the Fear’, on July 8. A band for only two years, Heavy Static has already been named “Artist of the Month” by The Deli Magazine Toronto.

Frontman Christian Patrick (lead vocals/guitar) was sick of “Indie rock” bands writing songs lacking style and soul. He wrote ten songs in ten days before calling on James Young (drums /backing vocals) and Dave Vasey (bass/backing vocals) to bring the songs to life. The band stems from ‘70s icons, including The Cure, Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie and The Clash, WWII, Swedish pop, ‘80s horror movies (specifically 1981 Canadian slasher, “My Bloody Valentine”) and modern day rockers such as The Darkness and The Hives. The three-piece believes in the ’70s way of approaching rock and roll: turning the volume up to 11, playing hard, melting a few faces with guitar solos, and looking bloody good while doing it.

In May of 2015, the band released their debut 5-track EP ‘Face The Night’ featuring five perfectly crafted rock anthems that were recorded and mixed in Toronto and mastered by Dave Collins (Black Sabbath, No Doubt, Spinal Tap) in Los Angeles, Calif. The first single off the EP is called “Painkiller” and was originally released in July 2014. ‘Here Comes the Fear’ will be the band’s second EP, amid much curiosity from fans who’d been intrigued by its effervescent, energetic, and somewhat mysterious live shows (in which the band’s individual identities are somewhat obscured), includes songs about heartbreak, anxiety and finding one’s place in the world. Heavy Static is proof that catchy guitar riffs and infectious choruses aren’t a thing of the past.

Tearing through Toronto, Heavy Static has performed at many of the areas well know venues, as well as Dundas West Fest. They plan to reach new audiences by touring to previously uncharted areas with the release of ‘Here Comes the Fear’.

Visit: theheavystatic.comfacebook.com/wearelips
twitter.com/Heavy_Static – instagram.com/heavystatic


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