HAMCLI Thunder Run

Hells Angels LI MC Annual Thunder Run & Chili Cook-Off

Story & photos by Cowboy

On a Beautiful Sunday afternoon in April, a familiar rumble filled the air and the gentle wind brought a wonderful aroma through the Bohemia area, which could only mean one thing, the Long Island Hells Angels 19th Annual Thunder Run/10th Annual Chili Cook-off was happening. With more than 20 teams competing for the much sought after gas tank trophy, this year’s competition was intense. I made it my mission to taste each teams chili, and I must say that every recipe tasted better than the next…I do not envy the judges. Classic rock sounds by DJ George Marchelos and the rockabilly sounds from The Buzzards had the crowd of supporters on their feet and dancing. The 81 Support Gear booth was open for business with not only this year’s event shirts/pins, but a lot of new 81 merchandise as well. The booth was packed with shoppers…I had a flashback of Black Friday.

The Grill Crew was kept busy cooking up some fine food for those folks craving more than Chili. The gentlemen from the Sons of Italia MC were on hand offering a variety of those tasty Italian desserts. There were many vendors on site offering everything from jewelry to chocolate and many things in between, and the crowd was having a rockin’ great time as always. When it was finally time to announce the winners of the Chili Cook-Off, which was sponsored by Samuel Adams and Milagro Tequila, the crowd gathered to see if their favorite chili made the cut. And for the 1st time in the history of this event, the 1st place trophy for People’s Choice and 1st place Judge’s Choice ‘Gas Tank’ trophy went to the same team – I DON’T KNOW MC! Congratulations to President of the Club, Mark, and his chili crew for a record setting win. My thanks to all the members of the HALIMC for their hospitality and to all those who competed in the Chili Cook-Off. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next one.