Get your focus right…

This past winter, I had the opportunity to take my bike to Florida for some winter riding. While there, I met a fellow biker who used to race sport bikes. Since I enjoy pushing the envelope in the turns, I asked him to help me with a problem I have experienced. I have a tendency to lean too much and too early in the corners. This results in my having to straighten up part way through the turn, only to have to lean over again to complete the maneuver. He immediately recognized my problem as two fold. First, I’m not properly scanning the turn and choosing a line to follow through the turn. Second, and perhaps more important, I’m too focused on what’s immediately ahead of my front tire. He suggested that I ought to be looking as far ahead as possible, even to the end of the turn. If I could make these two corrections, I would be able to take any turn faster, safer and in a more fluid motion.

In many cases, life is a very much like motorcycle riding. There are often long stretches of straight and level road in life, where we can kick back, put our feet on the highway pegs and just cruise. But sometimes, a sharp turn appears before us and we must navigate through a necessary change in our life’s direction. Most often, in times of crisis, our vision becomes very limited, even myopic. We tend to focus almost exclusively on what is immediately before us. If we don’t have a goal, an anchor point that we can look ahead to then we can quickly become overwhelmed by the trials we face. Just like on a bike, what we focus on, will determine whether we transit life’s turns smoothly, or in a constant effort to remain upright.

God has revealed that He and He alone, knows the end from the beginning. There is not a twist or turn in anyone’s life that God is not intimately aware of. Nothing takes Him by surprise. Therefore, when He tells us that if we put our trust in Him, He will direct our paths, (Proverbs. 3:5-6) that’s a promise we can count on. Focusing on God, particularly His promises, can provide us with the courage, strength and hope that we desperately need. Fixating on anything else, particularly our problems, only leads to frustration, discouragement, even despair. One outlook enhances life, the other robs us of life. Get your focus right, and you’ll find yourself taking life’s unexpected turns with speed and confidence.

You think about that…

God Bless You and See You on the Road.

Bob Anton

Chaplain: Long Island Lights Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association

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