FTM & LI ABATE 8th Annual Motorcycle Awareness Run

By Nancy Greenseich, LI ABATE officer

Photos by Ron Monteleone, Cowboy

On Sunday April 2, 2017, Full Throttle Magazine and Long Island ABATE held their 8th Annual Motorcycle Awareness Run and Bike Blessing.

Registration started at the H. Lee Dennison building in Hauppauge NY. As the bikes rolled in, they were greeted by Bill Quinn, Andrea Peponakis and her team of volunteers as everyone was registered. Once they were registered, Pastor Gerry Waldron and members of the Rushing Wind Biker Church and Bikers for Christ MM blessed the bikes.

With the help of Long Island ABATE volunteers, the bikes were parked and people were encouraged to visit the various informational booths that joined in on the event. There was Don Gomo at the Empire State Motorcycle Safety Education Program booth. Steve Bertolline and his team from On the Road Again Motorcycle School with their booth. They also had cones set up for bike demos. Big Apple Motorcycle School, Suffolk County PD, WBAB, and Long Island ABATE had their booths set up as well.  Also joining in was a huge billboard on wheels! Thanks to Mike Cutino, Mike Herbert and Pat Dugan at Billboards on Wheels for being part of this event!

President of Long Island ABATE, Jim Barr, spoke and thanked everyone for coming out.  At 11:30am the Press Conference started.  Regina Heissenbuttel and Jack Monti both spoke about the tragedies that they experienced due to the negligent and criminal acts of automobile drivers.  And lastly Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone arrived and said a few words, thanking Jim and Long Island ABATE for all they do for the motorcycle community.  After the press conference, it was time for kickstands up. Suffolk County 5th Precinct Police helped in escorting the run from Hauppauge to Ronkonkoma. Over 400 motorcycles were on the run. And chasing the motorcycle pack was the traveling billboard, encouraging people to watch for motorcycles.

The run ended at the Backstage Pass in Ronkonkoma where food was served. Thanks to Mike and Shari Eisemann for hosting the event at their establishment and feeding everyone!

Thanks to everyone, over $8,000 was raised to support Long Island ABATE’s motorcycle awareness campaign. These funds will be used for PSA’s, lawn signs and other means to get the word out to Watch for Motorcycles.

Find Long Island ABATE on the web www.longislandabate.org and on Facebook under our group and community pages.

Safe travels to all.