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My KZ750 started out as bone stock. I bought it last summer on eBay, and traveled four hours to Maryland to pick it up. I knew I wanted to start a new build with a KZ750 twin motor, but I hadn’t quite envisioned exactly what I wanted.

One day, I was rummaging through junk in the top of our dairy barn, and I came across a set of antique bicycle handlebars that resembled board tracker handlebars. Immediately, it clicked that I was going to create a chopped board tracker style bike. Now I had a vision in my head of exactly what I wanted. A leaf spring front end with the tank under the backbone, a low seat, narrow wheels, and a foot clutch with hand shift…from there the build began.

To start, I stripped the bike leaving nothing but the motor, down tube, and steering neck. I got a piece of 1.75″ tubing and started slowly bending it to make the back bone. This was tricky because the only pipe bender I had was a cheap Harbor Freight special that was known to kink thin walled tubing. Once I got the backbone how I wanted it, I began to bend the rest of the frame tubes. When the frame was mocked up, I fit cardboard under the back bone to draw out a tracer for the fuel tank. I knew I wanted to have a leaf spring front end on this bike, but there was no way my wallet was going to let me buy a brand new one. I began researching different types of leaf spring front ends and rockers to see what my options were. I was lucky enough to find an old used traditional springer on EBay for a decent price, which I bought and made a new front end out of after some serious cutting, bending, and welding. The rockers for the leaf front end I made entirely from scratch, and the actual leaf spring itself came off from a 1949 Chevy coupe cut in half.

After 4 months of late nights full of welding, wiring, painting, and all of the other work that comes along with building a bike, I finally had completed the bike that I had envisioned. My final tweak was adding Cadillac emblems to the tank, which were from a 1955 Cadillac that I owned.

Photos by G-Man

Cadillac Bike

Owner: Mike Grover

Hometown: Sherburne, NY

Fabrication: Mike Grover

Time: 4 months


Model: KZ750B Twin

Make: Kawasaki

Ignition: Stock Point Ignition

Displacement: 750cc

Intake: Custom 1-2 Intake by Mike Grover

Carburetor: Ultima

Exhaust: Custom by Mike Grover

Transmission: Stock 5 Speed



Make: Custom by Mike Grover

Rake: Bout that much

Stretch: Nada



Type: Custom Leaf Spring

Spring: Leaf Spring from 1949 Chevy Coupe

Builder: Custom made from a traditional springer front end with custom rockers by Mike Grover


Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

Front Wheel: Stock KZ750 Spoke

Front Tire: 19″ Duro

Rear Wheel: 18″ Stock KZ750 Spoke

Rear Tire: Duro



Painter: Mike Grover

Color: Western Brown Code PEP

Type: Chrysler Corp

Graphics: 1955 Cadillac Emblems



Bars: Antique Bicycle Handlebars

Grips: Bicycle

Risers: Stock flipped upside down

Fuel Tank: Custom made by Mike Grover

Seat: Bates Style Tuck & Roll with Car Air Bag

Rear Fender: Lowbrow

HeadLight: Antique Mac Truck Spot Light

Tailight: 1937 Chevy Sedan Tailight

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