Feature Bike | June 2014

imageThe Patriot

Builder: Mike Yeo: Atom Design & Logistics, John Jordan: Long Island Choppers




Engine Specs:
Bore: 4.25”
Stroke: 4.5”
Piston: Forged
Compression: 10.2 : 1
Rate of Power: 140 hp; 140lb torque
Pushrod: Adjustable Crane
Coil: Single fire

Style: Custom Chopper/Bagger Hybrid

Drivetrain: soft tail frame, adjustable air suspensions in front forks & rear shocks, adjustable electronic kickstands

Powertrain: Ultima 127ci motor with gold temperature treated powder coat and custom EPA stage 5 compliance components, belt RSD 6 speed transmission, open-belt 3.35” primary drive, custom true duel exhausts with additional platinum coated catalyst convertors, custom 26” front wheel, 300mm rear wheel with sprotor (sprocket/rotor)

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From the creator of “The Patriot,” a custom chopper designed and fabricated tailor to the Asian markets’ needs, American motorcycle designer “Mike Yeo” of Atom Design & Logistics (AD&L) and his business partner “John Jordan” of Long Island Choppers strike again by building their latest Chopper/Bagger hybrid: “GT-101” a.k.a: “GriffinTron-101.”
In the mist of this new trend of Bagger craze in America, Mike saw the opportunity to utilize his latest contract, which was to build a custom motorcycle signifies the pride and joy of the people of Taiwan, by incorporating Taiwan’s world’s tallest building (2004-2010) “Taipei-101” into a Chopper soft tail frame with the appearance of a modern style custom bagger.
During the designing stage the challenge was obvious, mostly due to the lack of pre-existing parts available by all motorcycle manufactures in the States to convert a radical style soft tail frame into a bagger. While concerning the appearance of this bike, its buyer in Taiwan also requires this motorcycle to be street legal in Taiwan, with compliance to “EPA Stage-5” in fuel consumption, volume of intake & exhaust, output noise level, and traffic safety devices.
With the task at hand, Mike successfully created the “GT-101” to capture the spirit of this building located in Taipei, Taiwan by fabricating the gas tank into the shape of the building itself. Because this building is currently holding the world record of having the largest damper sphere (a 660 ton steel pendulum in a circular shape suspends from this building’s 92nd floor to the 87th floor, designed to create sways to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts), it became important to Mike to highlight this feature and to fabricate a miniature damper sphere between the seat panel and frame with minimized movements to demonstrate the damper’s functionality without disrupting the bike’s riding experience.
Among many unique features of this building in Taiwan, there is a frog-like structure built in its mid and low section of Taipei-101, and it is only visible in one angle view from exterior will then this frog appears. In Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, it is said a frog with its mouth open facing out from an object reflects wealth and prosperity. Naturally, the architects of this building utilized the value of what this frog symbolizes through their ingenuity. Having a motorcycle built after such an innovative structure, Mike employed this concept and seamlessly integrated the shape of this frog into this motorcycle’s rear fender, also visible only in one angle view at this bike will the frog appear.
“At AD&L, our mission is to satisfy the demand from Asian countries for the American motorcycle culture, and to assist U.S motorcycle parts suppliers in international distribution and logistics” said Mike. To demonstrate his cultural sensitivity to his clients, Mike had taken what he has learned from the Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, and respectfully introduced the dragon-like creature: “Oriental Griffin” into this motorcycle. An Oriental Griffin is believed to have the head of a vicious dragon to satisfy its bottomless appetite, with the body of a tiger except it is without buttocks. In the eyes of Feng Shui, this creature translates to wealth and power because of its need to vast intake, and helps business to avoid paying out due to the absence of its buttocks.

Custom inner front fairing & panel (built-in IPad for GPS and entertainment, replace stock gauges), custom outer front fairing with mold-in HID, custom saddle bags, high speed stabilizer windshield, integrated oil cooling system, custom side fairings & fenders, custom floating style seat with integrated cooling gel pads, Heads Up Display (HUD) projecting speed, RPM, and voltage meter, 6 high output JL 6” speakers & integrated tweeters, 2 JL competition series 6” deep subwoofers, 2 amplifiers @ 3200w each, 2 touring pack batteries @ 500 cold cranking amps each, custom ultra high output alternator & integrated charging system, digital air pressure gauges @ 300 psi calibration, rearview monitor with integrated inferred camera, custom fail-safe kickstand (spring loaded).

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