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East Coast SuperBikes Biker Build off Winner (3)King of Kings

I have always been into bikes…jap bikes. I never saw myself on a Harley, let alone a bagger, until someone showed me a picture of a west coast 30″ bagger. I was hooked from that point on, but didn’t know of anyone one on the east coast close enough to get it done. When I was introduced to Dennis Earley of East Coast Super bikes, I knew his extended knowledge of these bikes would be able to put my vision into reality. I bought the 30″ 3D 1 off rim and tire before I even purchased the 2013 Road King. After 6 months of staring at pictures online and taking a ride out to Arizona bike week, I decided to start purchasing parts. Over the next 8 months I got all the parts necessary to hand over to Dennis to get him going. I tried to not go to the shop often as I wanted to see the bike in its finality. A day after coming back from vacation in August, my vision had become a reality with the extraordinary help of East Coast Superbikes.  Being one of the first 30″ baggers in the northeast is an exciting feeling. Knowing that every time I pull out of my driveway there will be people complimenting me, or taking pics and videos as I ride solidifies that this bike is certainly a force to be reckoned with…

Charles T. Cocchiola Jr., of Charles Thomas Construction


Owner: Charles Cocchiola

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Fabrication: East Coast Superbikes

525 Sunrise Highway
West Babylon, NY 11704


Year: 2013

Time: 6 months


Model: Twin Cam

Builder: Dennis ECSB

Ignition: H-D ECM/Power Commander V

Displacement: 103 CI”

Pistons: Screamin Eagle High Compression

Heads: Sceamin Eagle Pro CNC Ported

Carb: Fuel Injected

Cam: Screamin Eagle 260

Exhaust: Nasty Basted Misfit Industries

Primary: H-D /Barnett Kevlar Clutches



Year: 2013

Make: H-D

Shifting: H-D



Year: 2013

Make: H-D

Rake: 10 Degree

Stretch: 6”



Type: H-D

Builder: H-D

Triple Trees: Misfit Industries


Wheels, Tires, Brakes

Front Wheel: MAD Industries

Size: 30”

Front Tire: Vee Rubber

Front Brake: Glenndyne Design

Rear Wheel: H-D

Size: 16”

Rear Tire: Dunlop D407

Rear Brake: H-D



Painter: Mike Terwilliger

Color: Custom Mix

Type: House of Colors

Graphics: Mike Terwilliger

Molding: Tommy the Painter Aiello

Powder Coating: Action Powder Coating



Bars: Brawler B” Misfit Industries

Risers: H-D

Fuel Tank, Front & Rear Fender, Seat: Speed by Design

Foot Controls: Battistinis

Mirror: Arlene Ness

Headlight: Streamline Nacelle


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