Facts & Trivia Oct-2017

The Big 2018 Dyna & Softail Shakeup

I know many of my readers will be expecting my opinion regarding the 2018 model line-up. So here it is:

Let’s put all the changes and the specifications aside for now because I’m sure you have heard, or read about them already and don’t need me to talk about monoshocks, frame styles, or Milwaukee 8s.

Harley rider’s don’t take to change very well and in 2018 change is what we are going to see. It will take some getting used to saying goodbye to the Dyna line, after all there has been one form or another of a Dyna model on the showroom floor since 1971. As far as the V-rod is concerned, honestly most of us won’t miss it.

Technological advances and improvements precipitate change. If it wasn’t for change we would still be using pay phones, or telegrams, or morse code for that matter. If it wasn’t for technology you might be going to work on a horse and buggy instead of a vehicle that can tell you how to get to your next destination and what roads to use. Just think about that for a minute, as you read this a million people are traveling at 500 miles per hour in a jet, thousands of people are having advanced surgery and hundreds of riders are leaning into turns using advanced suspension that was unheard of on motorcycles 30 years ago.

These things just don’t happen overnight. 33 years ago when we saw our first Softail it was beautiful, and as much as I do love the Softail it was “form before function.” The new Softail did not come into being overnight, it’s not like Harley decided to make these changes 2 months ago, it has been a product of research, technological advances and improvements that have been in the works for many years now. I’m not saying that we have to embrace it, or even like it overnight, but we do need to give it a chance. After all when push comes to shove we do love Harley-Davidsons and most of us cannot see ourselves riding anything else.

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Trivia Question of the Month:

Who did Steve McQueen’s famous 65 ft motorcycle jump in the 1963 movie “The Great Escape?”

  1. Evil Knievel.
  2. Triumph dealer Bud Ekins.
  3. Steve McQueen “himself.”
  4. Elvis Presley.
  5. Jimi Hendrix.

If you think you know the answer, email “Bo” at Hogshoppe@aol.com Look for the answer in next month’s issue of
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Answer to last month’s trivia question:

Question: in 1978 Harley incorporated two major changes to the venerable Shovelhead, which 2 were they?

A.)     Updated valves with harder stems and cast-iron valve guides.

B.)    Installed leather fringe on the grips so you can tell if you’re moving or not.

C.)     74ci motor is bored and stroked for a displacement of 80ci.

D.)    Harley installs a chrome paper towel dispenser to clean up oil leaks when you’re parked for more than 15 minutes.

Answer: A and C but D is unofficial.


Bo’s Monthly Words of Wisdom:

I was stopped by the police around 2 AM last night and was asked where I was going.
I replied, “I’m on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late”
The officer asked, “Really? Who’s giving that lecture at this time of night?”
I said, “That would be my wife.”


“Live to Ride or Step Aside”

Written by Bo
“The Hog Shoppe Inc.”