Fact’s and Trivia May 2016


Advancements in Technology are inevitable, practicality is another issue. Do we make it because we need it, or do we make it because we can? For example, in 1978 we were introduced to electronic ignition that replaced our points, obviously it was a good idea, but at first we were opposed to it because if electronic ignition failed while you were on the road you were FU#*ED, whereas points could be changed out roadside. Another example is fuel injection, but as the technology improved for Harleys, by 2007 it was no longer an option and many riders today don’t know what it means to re-jet a carburetor.

Samsung and Yamaha are working together to take the “SMART WINDSHIELD” beyond concept to practicality. The Smart Windshield is supposed to be designed with safety in mind. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and it uses a heads- up-display to provide information on your windshield, like phone calls, text message and navigation data. The only thing it appears to be missing is targeting information. The big question is the safety concept…or is it another added distraction? It is quite possible that some time in the future riders might say, “Remember when motorcycles didn’t have a heads-up-display…those was the good ole days.” Who knows, only time will tell.

The Smart Windshield concept is a transparent screen placed beneath the windshield and above the instruments. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone and, with the help of a dedicated application, displays the phone’s notifications in a similar fashion to a head-up display system. The information displayed on the Smart Windshield can include calls, messages, email, browser data and possibly a lot more.

smart windshield

Samsung and Yamaha say the Smart Windshield concept could also be used to display useful data from applications such as maps or GPS, further enhancing its practical side. Yet, the benefits from adding a second screen to the bike’s instrument panel may be disputable, as the abundance of information can prove to be an even bigger distraction.

Personally, I check my phone every time I stop to pee…and at my age, it ends up being quite often.


Trivia Question of the Month:


Harleys “K Model” was the predecessor to the Sportster model. What year did K models first appear in H-D showrooms?

A.)    1949

B.)    1952

C.)    1957

D.)   1963


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Answer to last month’s trivia question:


One year and one year only Harley manufactured an exhaust system called the “Pipes-O-Pan” exhaust system. What is a Pipes-O-Pan exhaust system and what was the one year Harley used it?



The “Pipes-O-Pan” was a four tube exhaust system designed to be much quieter, but even in 1929 riders believed it to be too quiet. It was dropped the next year.


Bo’s Monthly Words of Wisdom:

If you can read this, thank a teacher

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“Live to Ride or Step Aside”

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