Facts and Trivia June 2017

27 Essential reasons to own a Harley

  1. Long marriages are more common with Harley riders because they do not want to lose their bike in a divorce settlement.
  2. The older you are the better the vibration can keep your pacemaker synchronized.
  3. You can get a Harley tattoo. 
  4. They can be painted outrageous colors, with strange murals, and no one thinks they look funny, they just look like Harleys. 
  5. There are more Harley mechanics around than there are Harleys.
  6. You can buy a Harley bumper sticker. 
  7. There are songs about riding Harleys. 
  8. You can buy a fully-dressed Harley with a radio; comfy seats with armrests; a windshield; saddlebags and a trunk, and no one thinks you’re an old fuck anymore when you ride it. 
  9. You never have to wonder how to spend your extra money. 

10.        An old Harley rusting in a barn is still worth more than your minivan. 

11.        It gives you the opportunity to try out every metal polish and motorcycle cleaner ever made.

12.        You don’t have to wear a lime-green and orange vest when you ride a Harley. 

13.        You’re more willing to go out and run an earned for your wife if you can do it on a Harley.

14.        No one ever asks you to race them. 

15.        You can always find an after-market part for any Harley, no matter how old it is. 

16.        If you ride another motorcycle at 50, people think you’re either crazy or haven’t grown up. If you ride a Harley at 50, people just think you’re cool. 

17.        Sure you can ride other motorcycles to Daytona and Sturgis, but why? 

18.        Harley riders have a better sex life. Honest! 

19.        Harley riders always have tools handy to loan someone. 

20.        When someone asks “What do you ride,” everyone understands “Harley.” They don’t care what the model is. If you tell them a GSX… or a CBR… or an Intruder… or an ST100… or any of these models, you have to explain who makes it and what kind of bike it is. 

21.        Harleys make good rat bikes. 

22.        Harley riders understand that if you have 2 Harley’s you are not rich, if you have 2 Harleys you have no money left at all! 

23.        Non-Harley riders will never ask to borrow your tools.

24.        Help keep your neighbors from sleeping away their whole weekend.

25.        You can do your part to keep the roads properly lubricated. 

26.        If things got bad, you could melt it down and have enough iron to build a locomotive 

27.        When someone asks what color it is, you can answer “Chrome”! 

Trivia Question of the Month:


What motorcycle company used a front end that was called the “Girdraulic front forks.


If you think you know the answer, email “Bo” at Hogshoppe@aol.com
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Answer to last month’s trivia question:

Question: In 1981, Willie G. Davidson and fellow company associates make history when they buy H-D back from AMF for 80 million dollars, what slogan did H-D adopt that year to celebrate the buy back?

(A). Harley-Davidson is the best, ride it a mile and push it the rest.

(B). Live to Ride, Ride to Live.

(C). The eagle soars alone.

(D). You meet the nicest people on a Harley.


Answer:  The answer is (C). The eagle soars alone.


Bo’s Monthly Words of Wisdom:

“Thou shall not pass by nor turn away from thy fellow rider who is in mechanical distress”

“Live to Ride or Step Aside”

Written by Bo
“The Hog Shoppe Inc.”