Facts & Trivia Dec 2017



Every year or two I need to take a riding adventure somewhere in America. It is my bucket list to put on miles in every great state in the USA, so far I have only ridden 18 states but am planning my next trip to Colorado and surrounding states soon.

This past November it was Nevada and a small stint into Arizona, I have ridden these states several times before but this trip was by far the best, the impact of nature in these parts are overwhelming.

The trip was organized by Drag Specialties for qualified dealers and several top motorcycle industry parts manufacturers. This gave me the opportunity to ride and become friends with Corey Ness (Arlen Ness’s son) and Christine LePera (owner of LePera seats). Also in my riding group were Marco from KB Pistons, Adam Pasta from Drag Specialties, Vince and his lovely girlfriend from Prestige Custom Cycles and Chris Lima from Cycle Stash. They were all some of the best people I have ever ridden with and we had the best time together. Other riders included, Paul Yaffe, Bassani, Performance Machine, Saddelmen, Cobra USA and many other industry leaders.

We stayed at the “Aliente Hotel & Casino” in North Las Vegas putting us far away from the Vegas strip and closer to the desert, we rode through the Valley of Fire “if you ever get the opportunity to ride in Nevada the Valley of Fire is a must, the impact of nature here is overwhelming. From there we rode to Boulder City where we stopped for food and gas. Boulder City was originally built in 1931 by the Bureau of Reclamation as housing for workers who were building the Hoover Dam. Then it was on to the Hoover Dam and up into Arizona “by accident.”

Day 2 we headed west to ride through Red Rock Canyon, a 14 mile one way road full of twisties and turnies that made for great scenic riding. From there it was more of the Nevada desert, then we headed south to a small town called Goodsprings, Nevada where we stopped for food at a great place called ‘Pioneer Saloon’. The Pioneer Saloon built in 1913, as you cross the threshold from the present to the past, you will quickly come to appreciate this historical landmark. The food was great, no kitchen, just a barbeque pit. I had a double cheese burger that weighed over a pound.

So there you have it: however, what I mentioned were only some of the highlights of my Epic adventure. I’m sure it’s nice to ride outside the USA, but for me its America all the way and when I have completed my goal of all 50 states, I may just start it all over again.


Trivia Question of the Month

QUESTION:  1909 was a year of innovation and improvements for Harley-Davidson, what 3 things happened that year that helped H-D prepare for the future?

If you think you know the answer, email “Bo” at Hogshoppe@aol.com
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Answer to last month’s trivia question:

QUESTION:  In 1981 the first non AMF Harley rolled of the assembly line in Pennsylvania. What symbolic accessory did Harley include on this first motorcycle?

(A)   Gold dipstick.

(B)   Silver gas cap.

(C)   An Eagle fender ornament.

(D)  A middle finger decal.

ANSWER:  (A) Gold Dipstick.


Bo’s Monthly Words of Wisdom:

A man dies and goes to Heaven. St. Peter is looking over his folder and says to the man’ “I can’t let you in because your records show that you have done nothing to help your fellow man. But if you can think of one thing that you did to help, I’ll let you in.”

The man thinks for a minute and says, “There was this one time I was driving down this deserted road when I came upon a bunch of bikers in the middle of the road. They had this young lady there and seem to be giving her a hard time. I got my tire iron from my trunk and walked into the middle of them, picked out the biggest, one hit him in back of the head.

St. Peter looked at the man and asked, “When did this happen?”

The man replied, “About ten minutes ago.”

“Live to Ride or Step Aside”

Written by Bo
“The Hog Shoppe Inc.”