Endless Possibilities

_Ortiz Big Apple Motorcycle SchoolBy Diane Ortiz – President and founder of the Big Apple Motorcycle School

This month I was going to write about new beginnings, New Year’s resolutions. As you read this the holidays are just about over and we’re left with a few months to contemplate what we did or didn’t do last year and what we want to accomplish in the year ahead. For those interested in adventure the possibility of motorcycling in Cuba is available to almost everyone.  There are now regularly scheduled flights direct from New York, or through Miami. No need to piggyback with a charter or educational group. Just hop online and buy a ticket. A number of touring companies have scheduled trips there as well including Women’s Motorcycle Tours who have scheduled a 9-day trip in March including bike rental for women riders led by professional women tour guides.

Back to promises made and promises broken. What are yours? Did you lose that weight, get fit or travel the world (most common New Year’s promises made and broken). There’s a reason places like Weight Watchers and gyms get an influx of new members this time of year. We all like to wipe the slate clean and start fresh, whether it’s with our personal or professional lives. Look around – the Baby Boomers are trading in their sport bikes for 3-wheelers and the Millennials are buying up retro bikes like the Scramblers and Indians. If you had your choice of any bike out there, what would you want? Maybe it’s time to change it up. Are you a cruiser-lover? Try an adventure or dual-sport bike. Sportbike enthusiasts, try a fully-dressed and equipped touring bike with reverse and all the bells and whistles. Have a big bike? Try one of the smaller, more nimble bikes now being featured by many of the major manufacturers. In other words, try something different. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.


Why do it? Because you can. This past year we lost a few good friends who worked and worked in anticipation of retiring to finally do the things they dreamed about. Unfortunately, they never made it.  It made me think about my daily life and what I cherish and what I dream about. Yes, there are bills to pay and family and friends to attend to. But there is always a way to fit in a little something to feed that dreamer in you that wishes you could hop on your bike and head cross-country without a care in the world. Some lucky folks get to do just that, but for most of us it’s definitely a dream and not a reality. This year though, I’m going to make sure to schedule some dream hours, days and maybe even a week, where I get to do what I want to do, decide where I want to go and make it happen.


So think about those resolutions this New Year and promise some motorcycle “me-time” for yourself. Once you do, the possibilities of where to go and what to do are endless!


See you on the road!