Editors Desk


November 2017~

This editorial ran last November, but after reading it again, I can’t think of anything that I wrote to you then, that I would want to change now. It is just one of those heartfelt writings that for me are the perfect words for exactly what I feel about family traditions and the upcoming holidays.

In this ever changing world that we live in, for me, the holidays are a time when I head back to my heritage and roots, as well as the traditions bestowed upon me and which were celebrated long before I was even a thought on our family tree. Society, the economy and our government has forced many American’s to lead a very different life than the life they lead as a child growing up. In many families the mom stayed home and the dad could support his family with just one job. Today, parents are working 3 and 4 jobs just to make ends meet. Many children return home from school to find an empty house,  and most spend their first 4 years of life being reared by a day care. Dinner time usually consists of fast food, or microwave meals with some members of the family household not always present. I always share stories with my children of how I grew up. I tell them that my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were people that I saw on a regular basis, practically every Sunday and a few times during the week. I too was lucky enough to raise my children with those family values. We did without certain things so that I could be privileged to stay home with the kids. Unfortunately for most, that isn’t always the case. Today, my FT work does not allow me the time to cook, bake and clean like I used to. So, when the holidays roll around, we turn back time, the baking pans come out, dinners are cooked from scratch and we all take a seat at the kitchen table together to share meals. We decorate the house as a family and watch the traditional holiday DVD’s.  I’m not a fan of the crazed shoppers, but it’s all part of, so I deal. I even participate in Black Friday with my sons, which I must admit is a lot of fun even though they are both quick tempered and I’m always fearful that the one obnoxious shopper is going to leave the store wearing a television for a hat! So far…so good!

With the toy runs and the International Motorcycle Show approaching, there is still so much more to see and do before jolly Ole’ Saint Nick arrives. Nov 19th Annual Red Knights MC Teddy Bear Run, , Dec 10th Who Cares Committee Toy run and of course Full Throttle Magazine’s 8th Annual Winter Wonderland Party on November 30th  and Toy Run on Dec 3rd. I call our toy party/run committee, “Operation Elves” and believe me, my committee lives up to that title. They all have been working all year to bring forth the perfect holiday party and toy run. They are an amazing group of people whose hearts are bigger than life.  We meet once a month at the fire house who happens to be the host for that year, and once again I am proud to say that Selden F.D. is our host for this year. The lovely JoJo will once again work her magic and transform 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue into a Winter Wonderland.  Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Jingles the elf and a few of Santa’s sexy helpers will be on hand and serving up holiday cheer to all the good biker girls and boys. Of course, we will have special event tees on sale, a huge Chinese Auction, the Live Auction is returning this year, delicious buffet spread, our decadent holiday dessert and chocolate bar, plus entertainment by the G-String band, DJ Joey and our very special guest, Ric Mango. That following Sunday, we gather at Selden F.D. with our Grand Marshal, Fingers from WBAB, and Santa from Selden F.D. who will be aboard his sled along with Miss FT, Adriana Amaya; Wonder Woman & Superman plus Jingles the Elf for the ride to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital to deliver all the toys collected from our party and toy drop off sites. The children, who are on the 11th floor of the hospital, wait patiently with their noses pressed to the window to hear the roar from our bikes, and alarms from the fire trucks. The first thing they see pulling into the hospital parking lot is Santa on his sled and a centipede of fire trucks and bikes following. It is one amazing site that will warm your heart even on the coldest December day. All who are a part of the ride are privileged to carry in the toys and place them under the 45 foot Christmas tree that sits in the hospital’s lobby. If you have never joined us for the party, or the run, please make it a point to do so this year. If you can’t do both our party and run, than at least partake in one of them. Whether you ride of not, we would love for you to join us! Those of you who might not want to come to the beginning site of the ride (Selden F.D.), you can join us at SBCH. We are scheduled to arrive by noon. Believe me, you will be so happy that you did! The children at Stony Brook Hospital are depending on us.

From our Full Throttle family to yours, “We wish you a warm, loving and blessed Thanksgiving.”Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with your families and loved ones. For those who you can’t be with, remember them in your heart and prayers, they will feel your energy. Take time to reflect on the true meaning of what this day means. It doesn’t matter what you eat, or how many desserts you serve – if you feel thankful by being with those who are close to your heart– than you are experiencing the true meaning of this holiday.

Ride Safe always.

Lee Sheridan, Spike & Chloe`