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Should You Buy Insurance from GEICO?

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GEICO advertises heavily to sell motorcycle insurance, but should you buy from GEICO? Is it really cheap? Are all insurance companies the same?

An insurance policy from one company is not the same as an insurance policy from another company. There are many differences with coverages and what’s covered.  Those differences are difficult to determine if you’re not knowledgeable about insurance.  Also, different insurance companies treat their insureds differently.

Asking for full coverage and comparing the price is very dangerous because there is no such thing as full coverage and you won’t get a fair comparison. You also won’t get the coverage you thought you would get.

Even if the coverages and coverage amounts are the same, insurance companies handle claims differently. Some insurance companies will protect you from a lawsuit better than other companies and some insurance companies will give you a harder time when you need the benefits you paid for.

In the last few years, along with other lawyers, we noticed that GEICO has become very difficult to deal with, whether our client was injured by a GEICO insured or our client is insured with GEICO.

We just settled two claims with GEICO which should have been settled quickly but weren’t. One was a motorcyclist whose wife was a claims representative at GEICO. She tried to settle what she thought was an easy claim but found that even she couldn’t get GEICO to pay. GEICO’s claim representative claimed the motorcycle accident was our client’s fault even though it wasn’t.  After we filed a lawsuit, GEICO just gave up and offered to pay the entire policy.

In another case, our client was struck in the rear by a car which fled. He was seriously injured but only had $100,000 uninsured coverage with GEICO. GEICO didn’t want to pay the claim even though both of their doctors found he had serious injuries caused by the car. GEICO finally offered to pay the policy almost a week before the arbitration date and only after we put substantial pressure on GEICO.

Now, GEICO’s lawyers are actually alleging that they shouldn’t have to pay an injured motorcyclist because riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity.

We filed a lawsuit for our client who was injured in a motorcycle accident when he was struck by a car pulling out of a parking spot. The car was insured by GEICO.

GEICO’s attorney alleged a defense stating “The injury and damages allegedly suffered by the plaintiff(s) were sustained while he was engaged in an activity that the plaintiff(s) entered knowing the risks inherent therein and which risks were assumed by plaintiff(s).”  Apparently, GEICO wants to sell you motorcycle insurance but if you’re injured by one of their insured’s, they will claim you engaged in a risky activity!

The most of obnoxious part of this defense is that they know they cannot legally allege that defense because N.Y.S. Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1671 entitles motorcycles to the same access to roads as cars. Consequently, we are demanding that they withdraw this defense or we will file a motion to obtain a court order withdrawing the defense.

When buying insurance, you need to make sure that you have the right coverage. When buying motorcycle insurance, it’s even more important because if you’re injured, your injuries will be far more serious than in a car accident.

GEICO doesn’t sell through independent insurance agents. You have to buy from their salesperson. We recommend that you buy motorcycle insurance through an independent insurance agent who can get you the best price and make sure you have the right coverage with a good insurance company.

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