Honda CB750 by Dromos Motor Works Just when you thought you have seen just about every style of CB750 builds, you come across another creation that somehow changes everything once again.  The Honda became a resident of Joseph’s New York shop as a non-running pile of metal that needed new life breathed into it.  And so the transformation began and after 5 months of burning the midnight oil, the completely morphed Honda was unveiled. Every detail from design, to fabricating, to wrenching to paint to build was a complete in-house undertaking. The engine was torn down, balanced, over-bored, blueprinted and precisely put back together. The frame was de-tabbed, blasted and repainted, and a new snub-nosed sub-frame was welded together and fitted. The finely detailed bodywork and its intricate angles were fab’d in-house. No expense was spared in rebuilding and updating the Honda’s components to deliver a truly modern ride.

Joseph took to Instagram and asked the ultimate question in regard to this build, “Why everything gotta be round?” Due to his skillful handicraft, the photos you see here are a magnificent example of why it purely doesn’t.

Owner: Joseph Mulhouse

Hometown: NY
Designed and Built: Dromos Motor Works


* Complete blueprint
* 3mm bore
* New Piston, Rods and rings
* Valves and springs
* Bearings
* Timing chain and Tensioner
* Cleaned and Painted
* CR29 Carbs
* New oil pan, oil filter adapter, oil tank
* Custom one off Exhaust designed by Dromos and Fabricated by BCR
* New Clutch, springs and cover
* Custom kickstarter: leather wrapped

Body and Frame:
* Modified tail section
* Custom Fabricated gas tank
* Custom Fabricated rear tail section
* Terozzi rear sets
* Powder-coated

* Excel high shouldered rims
* Buchanan’s spokes
* Anodized in black
* Avon RoadMaster tires 19 Front, 18 rear

* Rebuilt stock up front.
* Powder-coated lower legs
* Hagon 13″ rear shocks

* Original front disc with rebuilt calipers
* Custom Motion pro brake line
* Original rear drum, new pads brass drum cover

Hand control:
* Kustom Tech Grimeca brake and clutch levers
* Motogadget mini 3 button, Handgrips (black), M-discs

* Ignition C5 electronic
* C5 Coils
* Motogadget M-Unit
* Motogadget Motoscope Pro

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